National review of care allowances: final report and recommendations

A national review of Care allowances was carried out between November 2017 and August 2018. Here is a report on the findings of that review along with 12 recommendations.

Annex B: National Review of Care Allowances – Thematic approach

20 Nov 17 What does parity look like?

  • Terms of Reference and core principles
  • Current arrangements for kinship, foster & adoption allowances
  • Defining and delivering parity, consistency and transparency

16 Jan 18 Learning from others

  • Cost of a child - CPAG & other parts of UK in setting a NMA
  • Components of a core allowance
  • Additional needs of looked after children

21 Feb 18 Foster care

  • Understanding the needs of foster families
  • Funding landscape including LA definition of fees & allowances

14 Mar 18 Kinship care

  • Understanding the needs of kinship families
  • Links with Social Security & benefits system

17 April 18 Adoption

  • Understanding the needs of adoptive families
  • The value of post adoption support
  • Agree consultation approach

6 June 18 Consultation findings

  • Consultation and focus groups results
  • Draft recommendations

9 Aug 18 Final report and recommendations

  • Recommendations to Ministers and COSLA Leaders
  • Focus on the allowances and wider support


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