Scottish Budget 2022 to 2023: final outturn report

A statement of final outturn for the financial year 2022 to 2023 against the statutory limits authorised by the Scottish Parliament through the appropriate legislative processes.


Scottish Budget Variance – The difference between actual outturn and budget as reported in the Scottish Government Accounts and also brings in those bodies within the Scottish Administration boundary and directly funded bodies.

NDPBs / Other Bodies – The Scottish Government Consolidated Accounts includes the grant in aid to the Scottish Government sponsored bodies. To reconcile this to HMT Treasury reporting the grant in aid is removed and replaced with the actual expenditure in those bodies.

AME / Other – refers to Annually Managed Expenditure and Outside Departmental Expenditure which does not form part of the Scotland Reserve limit and therefore is removed.

Non-Cash – refers to accounting adjustments such as depreciation and does not form part of the Scotland Reserve therefore is removed from the Scottish Budget variance to get to the HMT Budget variance.

HMT Budget Variance – is the difference between actual outturn and budget for resource, capital and financial transactions which is reported to HMT. Note the funding adjustments in the table relate to changes to funding post conclusion of the Spring Budget Revision and forms part of the overall Scotland Reserve. Note the Scottish Government has a limit of £700 million which can be carried forward in full for use in future years. Following the revised Fiscal Framework agreed 2023, the Scotland Reserve will be capped in aggregate at £700m in 2023-24 prices (using the OBR's GDP deflator forecast at the time of the Scottish Government draft Budget), and therefore uprated annually.



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