Ferguson Marine: key documents - 2022

Documents from 2022 relating to the progress and delivery of vessels Glen Sannox (801) and 802.

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Ferguson Marine Engineering Limited (FMEL) was awarded contracts by Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) for two ferries in 2015. FMEL entered administration in August 2019. Scottish Ministers acquired FMEL in December 2019 and a new company, Ferguson Marine (Port Glasgow) Limited was created.

In December 2019, we proactively published documents covering the Scottish Government’s engagement with FMEL. These describe key events leading to the company being taken into public ownership and illustrate our interventions with the business.

We are now  proactively publishing documents relating to the progress and delivery of vessels Glen Sannox (801) and 802. The documents include updates and reports, detailing monthly progress relating to the vessels.

Scottish Ministers’ objectives have been consistent throughout the Scottish Government’s engagement with Ferguson Marine, being to:

  • complete the two public sector vessels under construction at the shipyard in Port Glasgow
  • secure the jobs of the workforce, and
  • secure a future for the business and commercial shipbuilding on the Clyde

Scottish Ministers are crystal clear on what they expect from Ferguson Marine in terms of delivering 801 and 802, as well as turning the business around to be competitive.

The critical nature of completing 801 and 802 for the sake of the island communities dependent on lifeline ferry services is well known and the urgency and necessity of delivery these vessels is understood by the Scottish Ministers.

Public interest in the progress and delivery of vessels Glen Sannox (801) and 802 is high. This additional release of information provides a clear and transparent view of the monitoring of progress relating to the vessels.

Progress reporting

We receive a monthly progress report from Ferguson Marine (Port Glasgow) Limited (FMPG), detailing the yard’s view of  progress of both vessels.

We also receives a monthly progress report from Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL). CMAL act as our technical support and so provide us with shipbuilding expertise.

Both the FMPG and CMAL monthly reports provide an in-depth understanding of the progress of vessels Glen Sannox (801) and 802, which Scottish Government Officials then relay to Ministers via monthly Ministerial updates.

The contractual arrangements rhythm began in April 2021, however it is important to note that this coincided with the pre-election period. Thus, Ministers were appointed in May 2021, allowing Scottish Government officials to begin providing Ministerial updates on progress relating to the vessels in June 2021.

The reports

The reports:

  • provide detailed analysis of progress made on the vessels, and as can be viewed throughout all the documents a number of key issues are discussed
  • outline issues around the weight of the vessel, to make it clear this issue was resolved through gradual steps taken by FMPG

The relationship between FMPG and CMAL has been constructive and early indications are that the arrival of the new FMPG Chief Executive has enhanced the working relationships between FMPG and CMAL.

A positive FMPG/CMAL Board to Board meeting took place in February 2022 which provided an important opportunity for a strategic discussion between the businesses. The two Boards agreed to have a minimum of two scheduled catch up meetings per year.

Some sections may be redacted for data protection reasons and other sections are redacted due to commercial or legal confidentiality.

23 March 2022 - a letter was sent to MPSs from Finance Secretary Kate Forbes providing a breakdown of costs associated with the completion of vessels 801 and 802.


FMPG – Ferguson Marine (Port Glasgow) Limited
CMAL – Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited

January 2022

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

Ferguson Marine: ministerial update – May 2022


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