Applications under the Electricity Act 1989: fees charged

Papers for the Scottish Government's consultation on proposals to revise the fees required by the Electricity (Applications for Consent) Regulations 1990.

Phased payment for EIA screening

Screening is the process under the Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 by which Scottish Ministers determine whether an environmental impact assessment is required in relation to a proposed development.

The Scottish Government proposes the introduction of phased payments for section 36 and 37 applications where a screening request is sought, with a payment of £1000 accompanying the request for a screening opinion. This will act as an instalment towards the total application cost and only the outstanding balance would require to be paid when the application is submitted.

Screening is a voluntary process and will not be appropriate for all applications. However, screening is strongly encouraged in cases where there is uncertainty around whether EIA might be required. This provides certainty to applicants that the correct process is being followed from the outset, reducing potential delays and abortive cost. The phased payment will support Scottish Ministers in continuing to deliver timeous responses in accordance with regulatory requirements.


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