Public procurement strategy: Fairer Scotland duty assessment

Fairer Scotland Duty assessment for the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland.

Stage 1: Requirement for Fairer Scotland Assessment

The Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland will provide a high-level vision and roadmap for Scottish Public Procurement for the next 5-7 years which all public sector bodies can align to.

The strategy is in development; its outcomes are currently defined as:

  • Create a more successful country.
  • Give opportunities to all people living in Scotland.
  • Increase the wellbeing of people living in Scotland.
  • Create sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • Reduce inequalities and give equal importance to economic, social and environmental progress.

Given the comprehensive approach to the strategy and broad-ranging nature of the policy it covers, the strategy will have effect across the public sector – immediately for suppliers, buyers, and in second-order for end-users of procurement services and the general public.

Timeframe for publication of the Fairer Scotland assessment is tied to publication of the strategy – current expected date of April 2023.

Compiling the Fairer Scotland assessment will be done in cooperation with analytical colleagues and policy leads as appropriate in Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate (SPPD) and drawing on best practice from across the Directorate and beyond.

The strategy directly incorporates policy aspirations that support the Fairer Scotland agenda to reduce inequalities of outcome caused by socio-economic disadvantage, when making strategic decisions. These aspirations include:

  • Ensure that we are efficient, effective and forward thinking through continuous improvement to help achieve a fairer and more equal society.
  • Embedding Fair Work First to contribute to good quality jobs, and achieve a high-value, inclusive and sustainable wellbeing economy for individuals, businesses, organisations and society.
  • Engaging with communities to understand local needs and requirements to help shape procurement practices, initiatives and contracts.

As the strategy nears completion these aims have been refined on the basis of evidence gathered through the Fairer Scotland Assessment.



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