Fairer deliveries action plan: progress statement

An overview of the actions that we have been and are working on to make fairer deliveries for all.

Parcel Delivery Highlights

Meeting in January 2020 with @ScotGrocersFed to discuss challenges and opportunities for the convenience store sector in Scotland including delivery charges.

Tweeting on 24 December 2019 highlighting the need for the Action Plan.

Read more from Business Minister @jamiehepburn on unfair delivery charges over on our blog

15 August 2019 at the postcode boundary in Orton with Richard Lochhead, Moray MSP

Showing support on the first anniversary of the DeliveryLaw website on 22 June 2019 @scotgoveconomy

Congrats to all involved in the DeliveryLaw website, which launched a year ago to help consumers and businesses understand the rules around parcel deliveries.


Email: ConsumerandCompetition@gov.scot

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