Fair Work: action plan

This document sets out the strategic approach the Scottish Government is taking to help achieve the 2025 vision for Fair Work.

19. Scottish Government

We have established a Fair Work and Gender Equality Ministerial Working Group led by the Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills. This group will drive a strategic approach to embedding and mainstreaming Fair Work across Ministerial portfolios. The remit of the Ministerial Working Group includes galvanising action to drive forward a cross-portfolio approach to Fair Work.

A Scottish Government Fair Work Champion will be appointed to promote Fair Work across Directorates within the Scottish Government. Furthermore, each Directorate will be asked to develop Directorate-level Fair Work Action Plans, which set out the actions that are currently being taken or planned to mainstream Fair Work into policy areas and activities specific to the Directorate, and to develop a strong Directorate-specific Fair Work narrative.

The Scottish Government Fair Work Champion and Directors will be supported by a Fair Work and Gender Equality Officials Working Group.

We will also work with the Fair Work Convention to develop and implement a coherent and collaborative Fair Work narrative and communications strategy, which captures the essence of Fair Work in practice.


Email: Ruaridh.Hayes@gov.scot

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