Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022: equality impact assessment

Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) of the Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022.

7. Conclusions

This EqIA determines that the RAP and ARES are likely to further the aims of the Public Sector Equality Duty in eliminating discrimination, advancing equal opportunities and fostering good relations through increasing the number of employees subject to fairer and inclusive working conditions. For example, women, disabled people and racialised minorities could benefit from reduced unemployment and pay gaps, maternity pay and opportunities for pregnant employees may increase, and there may be a reduction in in-work poverty across multiple groups.

The potential negative impacts identified are limited to specific areas relating to the real Living Wage. Meanwhile the degree to which positive impacts are felt could be limited through uneven consideration of all protected characteristic groups and a lack of involvement from the private and third sector.

To address the potential negative impacts and continue to develop and implement the RAP and ARES effectively, the recommendations in chapter 8 are proposed.


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