External Review of Alcohol Focus Scotland

The review was part of a rolling programme of reviews of voluntary sector agencies that receive more than £100k / year in grant funding from the Scottish Government. The main aim was to assess whether the Scottish Government is receiving value for money in relation to the grant it provides to AFS.


1. Throughout the remainder of this report, any reference to the Chief Executive will relate to Dr Gillan unless otherwise stated.
2. Scottish Government (2011) Best value in public services. Guidance for accountable officers. Available from: http://www.scotland.gov.uk32be4d3b-45f9-4b44-a703-d5a2cfc1d457.
3. AFS and SHAAP (2009) Licensing for public health. Available from: http://www.alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk/view/download/51.
4. AFS and SHAAP (2011) Rethinking alcohol licensing. Available from: http://www.alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk/view/download/188-re-thinking-alcohol-licensing.
5. This sample therefore cannot be considered as representative of the wider group of ADPs, LCAs and LLFs in Scotland.
6. See http://www.alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk/view/download/96-strategic-direction-2011-2013, page 2.


Email: Iain MacAllister

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