External Review of Alcohol Focus Scotland

The review was part of a rolling programme of reviews of voluntary sector agencies that receive more than £100k / year in grant funding from the Scottish Government. The main aim was to assess whether the Scottish Government is receiving value for money in relation to the grant it provides to AFS.

Appendix 1: Organisational participants in the review

AFS's Strategic Direction 2011-2013 states that the organisation works with a wide range of other agencies to deliver its outcomes.6 The document then goes on to list the agencies - or types of agencies - with which AFS works in partnership. These included Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs), local Councils on Alcohol and local Licensing Forums.

To obtain the views of external stakeholders for this review, the research team therefore proposed to interview representatives from all the named agencies, and representatives from a sample of ADPs, local Councils on Alcohol and local licensing forums.

In consultation with AFS, one partner agency not on the list was substituted for one that was on the list, since partnership work with the proposed new agency was more recent.

It was agreed to select five ADPs, five local Councils on Alcohol and five local licensing forums (15 in total) to take part in the review. AFS provided lists of those ADPs, local Councils on Alcohol and licensing forums with which they had recent contact, and the samples were chosen from these lists, taking care to try to obtain a good geographical and urban-rural spread. Fourteen agreed to take part in the review.

Partner agencies

Children 1st
Glasgow Centre for Public Health
NHS Health Scotland
Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives
Scottish Government
Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP)

Other external stakeholders

Aberdeenshire Licensing Forum
Ayrshire Council on Alcohol
Borders Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol
East Renfrewshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Falkirk Licensing Forum
Glasgow Council on Alcohol
Moray Council on Addiction
Moray Licensing Forum
South Lanarkshire Licensing Division
West Lothian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Partnership
Wigtown Licensing Forum


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