External Review of Alcohol Focus Scotland

The review was part of a rolling programme of reviews of voluntary sector agencies that receive more than £100k / year in grant funding from the Scottish Government. The main aim was to assess whether the Scottish Government is receiving value for money in relation to the grant it provides to AFS.


We would like to thank the members of Alcohol Focus Scotland's Executive Committee and Advisory Board, and the representatives of partner agencies, Alcohol and Drug Partnerships, local licensing forums, and local Councils on Alcohol who agreed to take part in this review.

We are very grateful to AFS's senior managers and other members (including former members) of AFS staff who gave generously of their time in speaking to us. We would like to thank Barbara O'Donnell at AFS, in particular, for her help in facilitating all the practical aspects of the review, which made our work so much easier.

Finally, we would like to thank the members of the review advisory group for their comments on an earlier draft of this report, and our project managers at the Scottish Government, Grant Campbell and Iain MacAllister, for their support throughout the review.


Email: Iain MacAllister

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