Extension Of Free Personal Care To People Under The Age Of 65, Scotland, 2020-21

Statistics release covering the extension of Free Personal Care (FPC) to people under the age of 65 in Scotland, also known as "Frank's Law".

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It was announced in the 2017 Programme for Government that Free Personal Care was to be extended to those under the age of 65. The extension, also known as "Frank's Law" after the campaign led by footballer Frank Kopel's widow Amanda, came into force on 1 April 2019.

Personal care includes assistance with activities such as eating or bathing, as well as other care of a personal nature. A fuller list of the types of care counted as personal care can be found on the Care Information Scotland website.

This publication presents information on people aged 18 – 64 who receive Free Personal Care (FPC) payments in care homes and receive personal care in their own homes. Information on FPC expenditure is also presented.

Information on people aged 65 and over who receive Free Personal and Nursing Care can be found in the Free Personal and Nursing Care, Scotland, 2020-21 publication.


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