Life sciences sector: export plan

This plan reaffirms the commitments made from ‘A Trading Nation’ to ensure our trade and investment agenda is front and centre of our economic growth strategy. Co-produced with stakeholders, this plan will work with the sector to identify how best to support Scottish businesses to grow their exports.

1. Introduction

Scotland has one of the largest life science clusters in Europe and our companies, universities and research centres have an international reputation for excellence. This ecosystem has been the foundation for a successful life sciences sector that makes a significant contribution to Scotland’s economy and has ensured global success for its products and services. The sector is forecast to continue growing and much of this will be driven by increased exports.

Through the lens of companies, subsectors and markets, this plan explores the support needed, from across the ecosystem, for our life science companies to maximise their export potential. By maintaining an inclusive and consultative approach with industry during its development, we have been able to make better-informed decisions as we assess and respond to opportunities for export growth.

Developed in partnership with the Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group, public sector and government, the plan outlines a set of interventions that the life sciences sector has said will enhance its export performance.



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