Social Security Experience Panel: Scottish Welfare Fund experiences

This report outlines the Social Security Experience Panel Members views expressed in a survey about their experiences of the Scottish Welfare Fund.

Positive Experience of applying for Scottish Welfare Fund

A number of respondents described  positive experiences of applying for the Scottish Welfare Fund. This included having a choice of how to apply – including online, over the phone or with support from an advisor.

Being able to apply, with help online to avoid feelings of humiliation and stress through personal contact.

The online form was easy to fill in. The whole process was easy.

Some described the application form as straightforward or short, and said that the process as a whole was easy to navigate.

The process is quite simple, you say what you need and an explanation as to why, then wait for the decision

It was not too complicated for me. It did not take very long before I got a response. I received a personal call to arrange for the delivery of specific items. The amounts/items were not excessive and did not require lots of justification.

Respondents described the process as quick and straight forward in terms of items or payments being delivered, and others spoke about the positive impact that receiving the payment or items had for them.

This was an incredible life changing resource. I cannot express how grateful we are for the assistance given.

It's a great idea to give people on minimum incomes the chance to buy something essential that they couldn't otherwise afford.

A number of respondents spoke about staff being helpful and supporting them with the application. Others highlighted support they had received from third sector organisations as helpful in accessing the fund.

I was lucky the person last dealt with was really good and helpful and took the time to explain everything to me.

The member of staff from [my local] resource centre told me everything I was entitled to and helped me fill in the forms.

My experience was very positive. It was dealt with professionally and quickly with respect.



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