Suicide ideation - experiences of adversely racialised people: research

Research commissioned by the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group (NSPLG) into the experiences of suicide ideation of racialised people in Scotland.

1 Introduction

This report is a presentation of the research commissioned by the Scottish Government to support the second phase of Action 7 of the National Suicide Prevention Action Plan. Action 7 seeks to identify and facilitate preventative actions targeted "at risk" groups. An initial phase of activities to support Action 7 was completed between December 2019 – October 2020.

Analysis from this initial phase of engagement identified a number of gaps in the work to date. One such gap was a lack of engagement with people from racialised communities, as well as migrant and refugee communities. This paper sets out work undertaken as part of Action 7, highlights the key insights identified and proposes next steps.

The report begins by setting the context within which the research was carried out, followed by the methodology. The findings are then presented.



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