Scotland Rural Development Programme 2007-2013: ex-post evaluation

An independent ex-post evaluation of the Scotland Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.


Acronym Description
ABPS Area Based Payment Scheme
AIR Annual Implementation Report
ANC Areas of Natural Constraints
BAP Biodiversity Action Plan
CCAGS Crofting Counties Agricultural Grant Scheme
CEQ Common Evaluation Questions
CMEF Common Monitoring Evaluation Framework
EAFRD European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
EERP European Economic Recovery Plan
EIA Economic Impact Assessment
ESF European Social Fund
F4P Forests for People
FBI Farmland Bird Index
FCS Forestry Commission Scotland
FiT Feed in Tariffs
FPMC Food Processing Marketing and Co-operation
GHG Green House Gas
GVA Gross Value Added
HNV High Nature Value
IACS Integrated Administration and Control System
ILMP Integrated Land Management Plan
LAG Local Action Group
LEADER Links Between Activities Developing the Rural Economy
LFASS Less Favoured Area Support Scheme
LMO Land Managers Options
MAPP Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress
MTE Mid-term Evaluation
NFUS National Farmers Union Scotland
NIWT National Inventory of Woodland and Trees
NPAC National Project Assessment Committee
NPI National Performance Indicator
PMC Programme Monitoring Committee
RDOC Rural Development Operational Committee
RP Rural Priorities
RPAC Regional Proposal Assessment Committees
RPID Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate
RSS Rural Stewardship Scheme
SAF Single Application Form
SAOS Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society
SCVO Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
SDS Skills Development Scheme
SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment
SFS Scottish Forestry Strategy
SGAFRC Scottish Government's Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities Directorate
SGRD Scottish Government's Rural Directorate
SGRED Scottish Government's Rural and Environment Directorate
SGRPID Scottish Government Rural Payment and Inspections Directorate
SLE Scottish Lands and Estates
SNH Scottish Natural Heritage
SNRN Scottish National Rural Network
SRDP Scotland Rural Development Programme
SRUC Scotland's Rural College
SSSI Site of Specific Scientific
SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats
UAA Utilised Agricultural Area
UK- EFF UK-European Fisheries Fund
WIAT Woodlands In and Around Towns


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