Climate change: evidence review in Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use, Waste

Evidence review of potential climate change mitigation measures in Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use and Waste.


AD Anaerobic digestion
ALULUCF Agriculture, Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry
CGE Computable general equilibrium
CH 4 Methane
CO 2 Carbon dioxide
CO 2e Carbon dioxide equivalent
FTE Full time equivalent
GHG Greenhouse gas
IO Input-Output
LULUCF Land use, land use change and forestry
MO Mitigation option
NH 3 Ammonia
N 2O Nitrous oxide
NO x Mono nitrogen oxides
PM Particulate matter
PM 10 Particulate matter 10 micrometres or less in diameter
PM 2.5 Particulate matter 2.5 micrometres or less in diameter
SAM Social accounting matrix
WI Wider impact
WTP Willingness to pay


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