Climate change: evidence review in Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use, Waste

Evidence review of potential climate change mitigation measures in Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use and Waste.

List of tables

Table 1 ALULUCF mitigation options and wider impacts considered in the study

Table 2 Mitigation options assessed

Table 3 Wider impacts considered

Table 4 Summary of the WIs of the GHG MOs

Table 5 Models for air quality assessment (WIs 1-4, see model description in Appendix A2)

Table 6 Models for water and soil quality assessment (WIs 5-8, see model description in Appendix A2)

Table 7 Models for assessing flood management and water use, land cover and land use, biodiversity and animal health and welfare (WIs 9-12, see model description in Appendix A2)

Table 8 Models for assessing crop health, household income, consumer and producer surplus and employment (WIs 13-16, see model description in Appendix A2)

Table 9 Models for assessing resource efficiency, human health, social impacts and cultural impacts (WIs 17-20, see model description in Appendix A2)

Table 10 Robust monetary values of the wider impacts

Table 11 Areas highlighted for further research

Table 12 Employment intensities from various data sources (full time equivalents (FTEs) per 10,000 tonnes per annum)

Table 13 Personnel requirements of a mechanized MBT with fermentation (source: TBU and Eunomia, 2003)

Table 14 Employment intensity for waste collection (FTEs per 10,000 tpa) (source: Murray,1999)

Table 15 Employment for reprocessing by material (SWAP , 1997)

Table 16 Employment intensity for recycling by material (FTEs/10,000 tpa)

Table 17 Literature on the nature of employment creation in circular economy activities (source: Green Alliance, 2015)

Table 18 Wider impacts of MO1

Table 19 Wider impacts of MO2

Table 20 Wider impacts of MO3

Table 21 Wider impacts of MO4

Table 22 Wider impacts of MO5

Table 23 Wider impacts of MO6

Table 24 Wider impacts of MO7

Table 25 Wider impacts of MO8

Table 26 Wider impacts of MO9

Table 27 Wider impacts of MO10

Table 28 Wider impacts of MO11

Table 29 Wider impacts of MO12

Table 30 Model description: EMEP4UK

Table 31 Model description: UKIAM

Table 32 Model description: DNDC

Table 33 Model description: GAINS

Table 34 Model description: MODDAS-THETIS

Table 35 Model description: SCAIL

Table 36 Model description: ADAS Wales

Table 37 Model description: LUCI

Table 38 Model description: Farmscoper

Table 39 Model description: NIRAMS

Table 40 Model description: CARBINE

Table 41 Model description: SPACSYS

Table 42 Model description: Windfarm carbon calculator

Table 43 Model description: IHMS

Table 44 Model description: SALTMED

Table 45 Model description: LULUCF Inventory

Table 46 Model description: Spatial econometric models

Table 47 Model description: Agent based land use models

Table 48 Model description: Interactive Habitat Network User Tool

Table 49 Model description: SRUC's Biodiversity Calculator

Table 50 Model description: AgBioscape

Table 51 Model description: APSIM

Table 52 Model description: DSSAT

Table 53 Model description: LUSO

Table 54 Model description: ROTOR

Table 55 Model description: CGE models

Table 56 Model description: IO and SAM models

Table 57 Model description: DIETRON and PRIME

Table 58 Model description: ORVal

Table 59 Monetary values of the wider impacts


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