Everyone Matters 2020 workforce vision: implementation plan 2016-2017

Everyone Matters is the workforce strategy for NHSScotland. This is the third implementation plan for NHS Boards, Scottish Government and others to achieve the 2020 Workforce Vision.

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Priorities for 2016-17

During 2016-17, activity will focus on:

  • identifying workforce actions to help tackle health inequalities across Scotland
  • developing a workforce to deliver integrated health and social care services across NHS Boards, local authorities and third party providers.

Boards, the Scottish Government and others will also complete the actions continuing from 2015-16 (see Appendix 1).

Scottish Government and others will:

  • Explore use of iMatter among partner organisations (healthy organisational culture)
  • Promote greater understanding of health inequalities and actions the workforce can take to help tackle this (capability)
  • Work with stakeholders to agree a set of national standards for e-learning to develop and increase digital literacy skills to support a technology-enabled workforce (capability)
  • Develop strategic approaches to recruitment and retention, particularly in remote and rural locations, across primary and secondary care, including new and specialist roles, and supporting people back into work (sustainability)
  • Support engagement across partner organisations to identify common workforce challenges and inform a Scotland-wide, integrated workforce plan, and develop common solutions and resources (workforce to deliver integrated services)
  • Work with partner organisations on common leadership and management issues (effective leadership and management)

NHS Boards will:

  • Ensure that staff know their individual contribution is essential to making sure we achieve the workforce vision (healthy organisational culture)
  • Improve engagement using the iMatter staff experience model and other tools (healthy organisational culture)
  • Ensure appropriate arrangements are in place to support the health and well-being of staff (healthy organisational culture)
  • Ensure all staff are aware of health inequalities and act appropriately to respond to the life circumstances that affect people's health (capability)
  • Improve digital literacy skills among all staff, especially support workers (capability)
  • Recognise and support the role of carers in the delivery of healthcare (capability)
  • Manage workforce implications of new and emerging service delivery models and take appropriate action (sustainability)
  • Support implementation of the commitments in the Workforce Development and Support Plan and Organisational Development Plan within Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) (workforce to deliver integrated services)
  • Ensure that their workforce plan aligns with the workforce plans of IJBs (workforce to deliver integrated services)
  • Deliver work on the five leadership and management priorities (effective leadership and management)


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