Event industry support fund 3: equality impact assessment

Equality impact assessment for the event industry support fund 3.


This funding is for businesses in the events industry, which have not previously received event-related COVID-19 business support funding to sustain the industry and protect jobs, therefore mitigations will be principally focused on ensuring the application process is accessible through administration by VisitScotland.

To help to ensure accessibility for COVID-19 funding, VisitScotland provided multiple channels of communication and submission for the applicant if they had accessibility issues. These accessible communication channels included by phone, email and video calls, in order to improve accessibility.

Dedicated email contact points were set up and VisitScotland reception redirected any calls to appropriate staff. VisitScotland provided within application guidance an email contact point for those applying who wish to apply in an alternative format. These measures were intended to boost inclusion and ensure that people with a range of protected characteristics could access the funding support.


Email: majorevents@gov.scot

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