Universal Credit Scottish choices: evaluation

Summarises the evidence for the effectiveness for the flexibilities the Scottish Government can offer to Universal Credit to allow twice monthly payments, and direct payment of rent to landlords drawing on management information, populations surveys and commissioned qualitative research.

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1. Universal Credit Scotland dashboard: December 2020 - (

2. Landlords' experience with the DWP payment system, and further modifications to address their concerns, are explained in the sections on impact.

3. Stat-Xplore - Log in (

4. Universal Credit Scotland dashboard 2021 - (

5. Usually a group, who while are on low incomes, tend to have higher earnings from employment than others on UC

6. This group tends to have lower earnings from employment

7. Direct payments are not applicable for owner-occupiers.

8. The group who are solely self-employed and not supplementing earnings through being employed by someone else. Data on the group who are both employed and self-employed are in Annex A.

9. The group solely employed, and not also earning through self-employment. Data on this group are in Annex A.



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