Evaluation of Sources of Support Service

An evaluation of the Dundee Sources of Support programme which involves Links Workers who support patients who access primary care for non-medical issues.

6. Patient Asset/Skills Gains

This section lists the range of assets/skills gained by the patients: first, the gains to the patient in terms of their own internal asset/skills base; and second, practical external gains.

Internal Assets/Skills Gains

A greater awareness of services and how to access them
A broader knowledge of what services are available
The ability to access services for family members
Sharing knowledge and skills with others
Increased confidence and self-esteem (happier and taking charge of life)
Developing a 'can do' attitude
Seeing a future
Ability to take/maximise opportunities
More insight into issues
Knowing how to discuss issues calmly and positively
Making their own decisions
Wanting to go out and join in
Specific self-help techniques (e.g. re pain control; SAD; Stress)

Practical External Gains

Housing points
Rehoused (includes homeless)
Internal adaptations
Improved employment conditions
Change of employment/first job
Volunteering training
Volunteering post
College course
Literacy skills (including being able to draft a CV; fill in forms)
More social contacts/new social networks
Services for family members
Opportunities to share own skills with others
New interests/reconnect to previous interests
Family activities
Involvement in local community regeneration group


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