Job Start Payment evaluation: annex B - qualitative research

This report forms the annex to the main report on the evaluation of Job Start Payment. It presents findings from qualitative research conducted to support the overall evaluation.

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Appendix A: Headline JSP information from successful applicants

Who told them Application experience Timescales Spend Status when interviewed
Job centre work coach and uncle 'Straightforward' Good experience with Social Security Scotland staff phoning and updating them When offered job 3 weeks later Clothes Travel ticket Unemployed
A friend 'Long wait' and had to re-submit twice Social Security Scotland staff 'super helpful' Over a month After first pay cheque Clothes Travel ticket Different employment
Employer Seemed straightforward but took a long time and employer (a charity supporting single parents) helped them follow up. Once started job Clothes Travel ticket Same employment
Job centre Relatively simple, needed more proof of job offer. After job offer Within 2 weeks Put in account and used for general expenses and bills including car MOT Same employment- from Kickstarter scheme
Job centre Phoned to check they had received, they were reassuring. Just over 4 weeks 2 weeks after starting job Clothes Travel ticket Food Same employment
A friend Really easy and quick Within a week or two Before first pay cheque Travel ticket, Food Phone bill Contributed to parents' power bill Unemployed
Social Security Scotland (young carer's grant team) Easy to apply but felt like a long wait and had to phone them a couple of times to chase. 7 weeks Clothes Different employment
Job centre Easy process 3-4 weeks Travel Power bills Paid back money borrowed for interview expenses College and self-employed on side
Invest in Renfrewshire Nothing difficult- email to say processing high levels of applications so taking longer. 1 month Into bank account, Paying credit used for start of work expenses Same employment- from Kickstarter scheme
Manager at new job Advised by Social Security Scotland to re-submit 3 weeks Travel ticket, Food Different employment part time, and full-time student
Army careers office Straightforward 2 weeks Protective clothing for work- gloves and boots Money to mother for house bills In training
Facebook advert Fine, but called to enquire and had to ask employer for extra evidence Under one month Clothes for herself Toys for her kids Different employment
Job centre Straightforward once employer provided evidence of job offer 2 weeks Shoes Travel ticket 'A cushion' in case of unexpected expenses Same employer- different seasonal job
Mother who saw promotion on Twitter Simple Around 3 weeks Shoes Bulk buying food items for lunches Same employment- now full time rather than part time
Boss in new job, Job centre Friends all mentioned Straightforward except understanding and getting evidence to submit 2-3 weeks Train to visit close family member before starting work Dinner out to celebrate new job Same work- through Kickstarter Work-based diploma
Social Security Scotland (young carer's grant team) Really stressful process- especially submitting evidence 3 weeks Clothes Travel Food Different employment and volunteering for charity supporting refugees
Job centre Simple Under a month Office clothes Same job and university
Job centre Simple- work coach completed with them and attached needed evidence 3 days Equipment to work from home- headset and keyboard Travel to office for training Clothes Same job
Job centre Straightforward Under a month Fuel for car Lunches Work uniform Childcare costs Same job part time and Universal Credit
Job centre Had to phone up and found needed to submit additional evidence Under a month Work uniform Lunches Transport tickets Different employment
Job centre Simple Around a month Transport ticket Put in bank account for general expenses Same employment
From partner who works for a charity Straightforward Under 7 working days Clothes including safety boots Transport tickets Same employment
Job centre Complicated proving care status Can't remember, 'not long' Paying childminder upfront costs Same employment
Employer Helped by support worker in homeless accommodation- problems with application process submitting evidence 5 months at least Paying back money from family and friends A desk for working from home Same employment- Kickstarter scheme
Job centre Straightforward 2 months Clothes Day out with children Travel tickets Just made redundant from temporary contract
Case worker through Fair Start Scotland Straightforward and positive 10 days Fuel for car Childcare costs Different employment



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