Evaluation of the Community Reintegration Project

This is an evaluation of the Community Reintegration Project (CRP), which formed part of the Scottish Government’s wider Reducing Reoffending Programme (RRP) and focused on addressing the needs of offenders serving prison sentences between six months and less than four years.

Annex C: Glossary of Key Terms

CIP (Community Integration Plan): The Community Integration Plan (CIP) is the SPS document that contains important information about the offender, their progress during the custodial sentence and their plans for release into the community.

CJSW report: A criminal justice social work report can be requested by a sheriff to provide background information about an individual and their offence prior to sentencing.

Criminogenic need: A criminogenic need is a need related to risk factors known to be linked to offending behaviour. These might include family circumstances, addictions, housing, education and employment.

HDC (Home Detention Curfew): HDC involves the release of an offender from prison to serve out the remainder of a custodial sentence in the community with curfew arrangements in place and monitoring by way of an electronic tag.

ICM (Integrated Case Management): ICM is the multi-agency approach used within the prison setting, which aims to reduce reoffending by ensuring that risks are identified and appropriate plans put in place for offenders.

Link Centre: Link centres provide a location within prisons where offenders can access a number of services. These services offer a range of information, advice and/or support: e.g. in relation to housing, employment, addiction, benefit entitlement and family relationships.

Personal Officer: A Personal Officer (PO) is an SPS officer who offers direct support to offenders during their custodial sentence and ensures that all service providers meet the agreed outcomes identified in the CIP.

PR2: PR2 is the SPS computerised record system.

Throughcare Support Officer (TSO): An SPS officer providing transitional support to offenders for a period pre- and post-release.

TISS (Tayside Intensive Support Service): The Tayside Intensive Support Service is a Police/CJSW/voluntary sector partnership providing intensive support to address the needs of persistent offenders. Offenders meeting the scheme's criteria are approached following arrest and offered the opportunity to work with the TISS team in addressing their needs.

Voluntary throughcare: Councils have a statutory responsibility to provide advice, support and assistance to offenders who request such a service within 12 months of release from custody.


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