Attend Anywhere / Near Me video consulting service evaluation 2019-2020: summary report

Summary findings of an external evaluation of the Attend Anywhere / Near Me video consultations service used across health and care services in Scotland.


Based on the findings, we suggest the following actions to support continued scale-up, spread and sustainability.

  • Recommendation 1: Produce for each clinical specialty 'rules of thumb' for what kind of clinical conditions and encounters are generally safe for video consultations.
  • Recommendation 2: Basic training and multiple try-out opportunities for staff and patients.
  • Recommendation 3: Develop and disseminate analysis of system-level evidence about potential financial savings from Attend Anywhere.
  • Recommendation 4: Identify and address clinical and care governance and safeguarding issues.
  • Recommendation 5: Working with professional networks, disseminate stories of up-and-running services.
  • Recommendation 6: Communicate the "gaining a service" narrative.
  • Recommendation 7: Assign and support local champions.
  • Recommendation 8: Provide set-up support for ready-to-roll sites, paying careful attention to routines between participating sites.
  • Recommendation 9: A Quality Improvement Collaborative to maximise inter-site learning.
  • Recommendation 10: Implement a consistent national branding for the video consultation service across the country.



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