Attend Anywhere / Near Me video consulting service evaluation 2019-2020: summary report

Summary findings of an external evaluation of the Attend Anywhere / Near Me video consultations service used across health and care services in Scotland.


In 2018 the Scottish Government commissioned a TEC Data Review and Evaluation Options Study, [2] which presented potential outcomes of a generic VC workstream. We have used our analysis to reflect on likely contributions to the potential short-term outcomes shown in that model, summarised briefly below.

a. Increased number of patients using VC instead of face to face. Clear increase in Attend Anywhere appointments. However, context of use is important, such as an understanding of what video is actually replacing (e.g. home visits or outpatient clinic appointments; phone or face to face appointments).

b. Improved access to specialist services. Greatly improved access for patients living in remote areas, and to rapid specialist opinion.

c. Less need to travel. Reduced travel and other time savings for patients living in remote areas and travelling from the islands.

d. Improved management of certain conditions. VC can support person-centred and holistic care; multi-disciplinary and multi-site working with the patient; and infection control.

e. Improved access for hard to reach groups. Improved access for patients with frailty, multi-morbidity or anxiety; but risks excluding people with low digital literacy, confidence, access to technology.

f. Reduced professional travel and improved efficiency. Reduced need for travel among clinicians, allied health professionals and specialists on-call for emergency care; improved service efficiency and quality.

g. Improved collaboration between professionals and new ways of working. Opportunities to redesign services, develop less specialist staff and create new local service capabilities.



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