Attainment Scotland Fund evaluation: school case studies

How the Attainment Scotland Fund has been used by schools, and qualitative feedback on schools' experience to date.

1. Introduction

1.1. This report presents findings from recent case study visits to 12 schools in receipt of Attainment Scotland Fund (ASF) support.  This introductory section summarises the background and study approach.

1.2. The case studies were commissioned as part of the recent 2018 headteacher survey, to inform wider evaluation of the ASF.  The overall aim of the study was to build on learning from previous surveys to further improve operation of the ASF, and to maximise the impact of programmes supported by the ASF.  The specific objective of the case study element of the study was to provide a more detailed understanding of how the ASF has been used by schools, and to gather qualitative feedback on schools’ experience to date.

1.3. A total of 12 schools were included in the case studies, selected from respondents to the headteacher survey.  Case study sampling was designed to ensure a cross-section of schools in terms of:
i. ASF funding stream - Challenge Authority, Schools Programme and/or Pupil Equity Funding (PEF);
ii. Level of PEF allocation;
iii. Primary and secondary sector; and
iv. Urban/rural location.

1.4. Fieldwork involved one-day visits by Craigforth researchers to each school.  The programme for each visit was tailored to schools’ circumstances, to include input from a range of senior management, teaching and support staff involved in ASF supported work.  A mix of individual interview and group discussion approaches was used.

1.5. Further detail on the sampling and fieldwork approach, and profile of case study schools, is provided in Section 3.

1.6. This report provides an overview of key findings from across the 12 case studies.  The appendices are provided as separate documents.  Appendix 1 provides findings for each of the case studies.  The case study topic guide is provided at Appendix 2.



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