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Devolution of disability benefits: evaluation strategy

Published: 1 Oct 2021

The strategy for evaluating the devolution of disability benefits to Scotland.

Devolution of disability benefits: evaluation strategy


1. Social Security Scotland: Our Charter

2. Social Security Charter: measurement framework.

3. These benefits included: Universal Credit Scottish choices, Carer's Allowance Supplement, Best Start Grant, Funeral Support Payment, Young Carer Grant, and Job Start Payment.

4. UK Government (2020) The Magenta Book

5. Social security policy research and evaluation: publications

6. Disability benefits will be raised annually by at least the rate of inflation.

7. The Scottish Government's plans for a new approach to gathering information and making decisions when a client applies for a disability benefit can be accessed here.

8. It is important to note here that we have committed to a substantial, independent review of Adult Disability Payment after launch which will be dealt with separately to the evaluation activity outlined in this document.