National Marine Plan - EU exit: interpretive guidance

Guidance on how to interpret the National Marine Plan after the UK exits from the European Union. This guidance applies from 1 January 2021 and should be used to interpret references to the European Union in the National Marine Plan.

5. References to the EU Commission

5.1. The National Marine Plan contains references to the role of the European Commission which are no longer appropriate as a consequence of EU exit.

5.2. The European Commission will no longer provide an opinion in relation to whether there are reasons of overriding public interest for a plan or project to be granted consent within an SAC or SPA in Scottish inshore[28] or offshore[29] waters, where an adverse effect on site integrity cannot be ruled out. Consequently, paragraph 4.44 should be read as if the words "European Commission via" were omitted.

5.3. The EU Commission no longer plays a role in policy development in the UK. Paragraph 10.21 should be read as if the words from "and the Scottish Government" to the end of that paragraph were omitted.



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