ESIF Programme Monitoring Committee meeting: June 2019

Papers from the June 2019 meeting of the European Structural and Investment Funds Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC).

Agenda and minutes from the previous meeting

PMC 01-00: meeting agenda
PMC 01-02: minutes from previous meeting

Discussion papers

PMC 01-04b: note on last meeting of YEITC
PMC 01-04b: report from YEITC
PMC 01-05: 2018 ERDF AIR - Citizens Summary ERDF 2018 flyer
PMC 01-05: 2018 ERDF AIR - Implementation report
PMC 01-05: 2018 ESF AIR - Citizens Summary ESF 2018 flyer
PMC 01-05: 2018 ESF AIR - Implementation report
PMC 01-06: Changes to ESF and ERDF operational programmes
PMC 01-06: Draft ERDF Scotland operational programme
PMC 01-06: Draft ESF Scotland operational programme
PMC 01-07: Update on Communications Strategy
PMC 01-08: Evaluation and monitoring
PMC 01-09: Financial Instruments update
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