Disability Assistance for Working Age People (Scotland) Regulations: equalities impact assessment (EQIA)

The equality impact assessment (EQIA) considers potential effects of the Disability Assistance for Working Age People (Scotland) Regulations 2022 and how it impacts on people with one or more protected characteristics.

Data Sources

A variety of information sources were used in compiling this EQIA, including:

  • Scottish Health Survey 2018;[4]
  • Scotland's Census 2011;[5]
  • NRS Scotland Mid-year Population Estimates;[6]
  • Social Security Experience Panel findings;
  • responses to our Consultation on Disability Assistance in Scotland;[7]
  • advice from our Disability and Carer Benefits Expert Advisory Group;[8] and
  • the Department for Work and Pensions stat Xplore statistics.



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