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Electronic purchasing card contract

Published: 15 Jan 2015

Guidance for public sector organisations on how to access and use the contract.

15 Jan 2015
Electronic purchasing card contract

Who can access: central government
Contract status: live
Dates of contract: 15 January 2015 to 31 July 2020
Category: eProcurement - central government


ePurchasing card solution (formerly Government procurement card).

This is a call-off contract from the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework RM1095 - Lot 2.

What is in scope

Individual physical payment cards, purchasing cards, lodge cards, travel cards, currency cards and embedded card solutions.

The provision of an online programme management tool to administer the ePurchasing Card Solution, which will:

  • record, process and store details of all transactions made
  • provide a reporting functionality which will be capable of producing a wide range of bespoke reports

Who can use this

Central Government public bodies.


Benefits for public bodies using this framework include:

  • rebate of spend returned
  • significant process savings achievable

Supplier details

Royal Bank of Scotland

Solutions Delivery Manager
Leeann Shanks
Phone: 07342 084948 

Further information

See: Electronic purchasing cards: guide for public bodies


Senior Portfolio Specialist
Kath Cowan
Phone: 0141 242 0129

Portfolio Specialist
Maria McGrorry
Phone: 0141 242 0125