Electronic procurement card: review management report

Electronic Purchasing Card (ePC) transactional data released to the Scottish Labour Party via a Freedom of Information (FOI) request was subsequently given to various media outlets in August 2023. This report provides a summary of the reviews undertaken and the key findings from these reviews

3. Action Plan for Implementation

On completion of the reviews an action plan has been developed to take forward the recommended improvements. The plan focuses on the following key areas:-

  • Raise communications and engagement on ePC policy and procedures across SG & our partners using the ePC card.
  • A review of policy and procedures taking cognisance from the lessons learnt throughout this process.
  • Refreshed and more targeted training for card holders, approvers and controllers which will cover exception and approval processes.
  • Alignment where appropriate with more rigorous UK Government policies, retaining SG policies where they are more rigorous.
  • Greater scrutiny of monthly transactions to be carried out by relevant personnel to ensure adherence to policy.


Email: epc_mailbox@gov.scot

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