Health and Wellbeing Census: Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers

Education Analytical Services: Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers on the Health and Wellbeing Census

Data we collect

Where do you get your data about my child/children’s health and wellbeing from?

The data of your child/children’s health and wellbeing is initially received by the local authority from conducting their own surveys with your child/children.

What happens if my child does not finish the survey?

Your child's progress is automatically saved after each page when completing the survey. This means that responses provided will be saved and submitted on your behalf, even if the survey was not completed.

Do you get all the data schools and local authorities have about my child/children?

No.  Although schools and local authorities require and collect a lot of additional information about your child/children, not all of this information is shared with the Scottish Government. For example, we do not collect your child/children’s name or address.

What data about my child/children’s health and wellbeing is shared with you?

The information about your child/children that is shared with, and processed by, the Scottish Government will be:

  • Your Child’s Scottish Candidate Number
  • Your Child’s school identifier
  • Your Child’s attitude to school
  • Your Child’s perception of achievement
  • Your Child’s perception on the pressure of school work
  • Your Child’s physical activity/exercise
  • Your Child’s eating behaviours
  • Your Child’s general health
  • Your Child’s general wellbeing (life satisfaction)
  • Your Child’s mental wellbeing (S2 pupils upwards)
  • Your Child’s physical or mental health condition
  • Your Child’s sleep pattern
  • Your Child’s feeling of discrimination
  • Your Child’s relationship with peers
  • Your Child’s self-perception (body image)
  • Your Child’s social media and online experience
  • Your Child’s relationships with family / environment
  • Your Child’s relationships with parents/carers
  • Your Child’s resilience
  • Your Child’s involvement in decision making
  • Your Child’s use of alcohol (S2 pupils upwards)
  • Your Child’s use of tobacco (S2 pupils upwards)
  • Your Child’s use of drugs (S4 pupils upwards)
  • Your Child’s involvement in positive activities
  • Your Child’s caring responsibilities
  • Your Child’s experience of bullying
  • Your Child’s aspirations and career planning
  • Your Child’s relationships and sexual health (S4 pupils upwards)
  • Your Child’s sedentary behaviour
  • Your Child’s perception on places to play

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