Staff and pupil data: detailed privacy notice

Detailed privacy notice on data relating to pupils and staff produced by Education Analytical Services.

Who processes our data

The source for most of this data is information held on local authority data management systems on children receiving education within Scotland, and its workforce.

The local authority data management system for the majority of this children and young people data is SEEMiS Group who process data for local authorities in Scotland.  SEEMiS are not using this data for their own purposes.  SEEMiS Group are an education Management Information System provider and may be contacted at

However, not all of the data transferred to the Scottish Government is held on SEEMiS.  Some information will come directly from other local authority management information systems, or from other public bodies, to the Scottish Government.

ScotXed (within the Scottish Government) will securely transfer the data from SEEMiS, local authority systems or other public body’s systems using secure transfer software and processes for collecting and validating data.


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