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Edinburgh Declaration on post-2020 global biodiversity framework

Published: 31 Aug 2020
Last updated: 4 Mar 2021 - see all updates

Setting out the aspirations and commitments of the Scottish Government, Edinburgh Process partners, and the wider subnational constituency of the Convention on Biological Diversity, in delivering for nature over the coming decade.

Edinburgh Declaration on post-2020 global biodiversity framework
Current signatories

Additional signatories to the Edinburgh Declaration are shown below and will be updated on a rolling basis, up to COP15.  Please check back regularly. 

Please refer to the ‘How to sign’ page for further instructions about signing the Declaration. 

Subnational, city and local authorities




Date signed

Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP

Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform

Scottish Government

31 August 2020

Ms Lesley Griffiths AS/MS

Gweinidog yr Amgylchedd, Ynni a Materion Gwledig / Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs

Welsh Government

31 August 2020

Mr Ashok Sridharan


ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

31 August 2020

Ms Cheryl Jones Fur

Deputy Lord Mayor of Växjö, Sweden

On behalf of ICLEI Europe

31 August 2020

Ms Elena Moreno


Regions4 Sustainable Development

31 August 2020

Benoit Charette

Ministre de l’Environnement et de la Lutte

contre les changements climatiques

Gouvernement du Québec

31 August 2020

Mr Hideaki Ohmura

Governor of Aichi Prefecture

On behalf of the Group of Leading Subnational Governments toward the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (GoLS)

31 August 2020

Under consideration


On Behalf of the European Committee of the Regions


Ms Francesca Osowska

Chief Executive

NatureScot (Scotland)

31 August 2020

Simon Milne MBE

Regius Keeper

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Scotland)

31 August 2020

Hamish Trench

Chief Executive

Scottish Land Commission (Scotland)

07 September 2020

Maganda Moses

District Environment Officer

Jinja District Local Government (Uganda)

09 September 2020

Ileana J. Herrera Pérez

Minister of Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change

Campeche State Government (Mexico)

10 September 2020

Sonigitu Asibong Ekpe

Acting Director (Scientific)/ Head of Bilateral Economy Cooperation

Ministry of International Development Cooperation, Cross River State (Nigeria)

15 September 2020

Teo Hrvoje Orsanic


Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation

22 September 2020

Mr. Damià Calvet

Minister for Territory and Sustainability

Government of Catalonia (Spain)

23 September 2020

M. C. Rafael Robles de Benito

Director General

Instituto de Biodiversidad y Áreas Naturales Protegidas de Quintana Roo (Mexico)

30 September 2020

Marie-Guite Dufay

Conseil régional de Bourgogne Franche Comté (France)

01 October 2020

Ana Margarita Romo Ortega

Director General for the Environment

Municipality of Toluca (Mexico)

02 October 2020

Dr. Michael Gödde

Head of Nature Conservation, Landscape Planning, Forestry and Hunting

City of Berlin – Senate of the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection (Germany)

14 October 2020

Sergio Humberto Graf Montero

Secretario de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Territorial

Estado de Jalisco (Mexico)

15 October 2020

Julio César Medina Delgado

Secretario de Sustentabilidad, Medio Ambiente y Agua

Estado de Aguascalientes (Mexico)

16 October 2020

Fernand Yapi


Focal Point Convention of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa and ICLEI

Municipality of Cocody (Ivory Coast)

20 October 2020

Mathieu Hanotin


Ville de Saint-Denis (France)

23 October 2020

Pia Imbs


Eurométropole de Strasbourg (France)

05 November 2020

Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol

Maire de Rouen

Président de la Métropole Rouen Normandie (France)

05 November 2020

Caroline Cayeux

Présidente de l’association

Villes de France (France)

06 November 2020

Brigitte Fouré


Maire d'Amiens

Ville d'Amiens (France)

06 November 2020

Michel Bisson

Président de Grand Paris Sud

Grand Paris Sud (France)

06 November 2020

Olivier Bianchi


Maire de Clermont-Ferrand

Président de Clermont Auvergne Métropole

Ville de Clermont-Ferrand (France)

10 November 2020

Anne Vignot  

Maire de la ville de Besançon

Ville de Besançon (France)

16 November 2020

Jim Savege

Chief Executive

Aberdeenshire Council (Scotland)

18 November 2020

Jean-François Debat


Ville de Bourg-en-Bresse (France)

19 November 2020

Jeanne Barseghain


Ville de Strasbourg (France)

24 November 2020

Madame Michèle Lutz


Ville de Mulhouse - Conseil municipal (France)

1 December

Jérome Baloge


Ville de Niort (France)

3 December 2020

Xander McDade


Convenor, CNPA Board

Cairngorms National Park Authority

3 December 2020

Roby Biwer


City Councilor

Bettembourg (Luxembourg)

7 December 2020

Anne Hidalgo

Maire de Paris

Ville de Paris (France)

7 December 2020



Maire de la Ville d’Albi

Ville d’Albi (France)

8 December 2020

Gordon Watson

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority

9 December 2020

Luke Comins



Tweed Forum (Scotland)

8 December 2020

Gordon Watson

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority (Scotland)

9 December 2020

Christophe Ferrari


Grenoble-Alpes Métropole (France)

21 December 2020

Cécile Helle


Ville d’Avignon (France)

24 December 2020

Pierre Hurmic


Maire de Bordeaux

Bordeaux (France)

21 December 2020

Emile Roger Lombertie


Ville de  Limoges (France)

21 December 2020

Arnaud Robinet


Ville de Reims (France)

21 December 2020

Jérémy Desarthe

Adjoint au Maire

Ville de Colombes (France)

22 December 2020

Johanna Rolland

Maire, Ville de Nante


President, Nante Metropole (France)

22 December 2020

François Rebsamen

Maire, Ville de Dijon


Président, Dijon Métropole (France)

24 December 2020

Philippe Laurent


President and Mayor of Sceaux,

Association Française du Conseil des Communes et Régions d’Europe (France)

05 January 2021

Loïg Chesnais-Girard


Conseil régional de Bretagne (France)

07 January 2021

Peter Henderson

Council Leader

South Ayrshire Council (Scotland)

14 January 2021

Scott Farmer

Council Leader

Stirling Council (Scotland)

20 January 2021

Morito Okada Director General, Bureau of the Environment
Aichi Prefeture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Hideto Suzuki Director General of Environment and Lifestyle Department 
Miyagi Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Saruta Yoshihide Environment Department Director
Nagano Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Isaaki Nishigaki Executive Director Department of Environmental Affairs and Citizen Support
Gifu Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Mikazuki Taizo Governor
Shiga Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Motoyasu Tanaka Chief Executive Officer for the Environment 
Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Tatsuya Maruyama Governor
Shimane Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Tatsuya Kawamura Director, Forestry Promotion and Environment Department 
Kochi Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Satoshi Fujimoto Head of Department, Environment and Residential Life
Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Tadashi Matsushita Director General, Environment and Forestry Affairs Department 
Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Satoru Matsuda  General Manager of Environment Department
Okinawa Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Chikako Shibata Director for Environmental Management 
City of Sapporo (Japan)
8 February 2021
Toru Ono Mayor
Rebun Town (Japan)
8 February 2021
Yoshiichi Takahashi Mayor 
Kanegasaki Town (Japan)
8 February 2021
Kazuyoshi Satou Director General, Environmental Bureau
Sendai City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Yasushi Ito Mayor
Osaki City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Morihiro Kumagai Mayor
Tome City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Asano Masatomi Mayor
Oyama City (Japan) 
8 February 2021
Akihiko Nakano Director General, Bureau Of Environment 
Saitama City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Masato Fujimoto Mayor
Tokorozawa City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Yu Suzuki Mayor
Noda City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Hiroshi Ota Mayor
Isumi City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Katsuhiro Takahashi Mayor
Inagi City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Yumiko Suzuki Director of Environment and Economy Bureau
Sagamihara City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Ryugo Watanabe Mayor 
Sado City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Riku Miyamoto Mayor
Kaga City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Naoyuki Kaneda Manager, Sustainable Society and Ecosystems Office 
Suzu City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Minoru Katsuma Director General Environmental Affairs Bureau
Nagoya City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Seiji Yamamoto Director of the Environmental Services Department
Toyohasi City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Yasuhiro Nakane Mayor
Okazaki City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Sugiura Hajime General Director of Environment Department
Toyota City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Fukuyuki Iwama Director General Department of the Economics and Environment 
Inazawa City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Masayuki Tamamura Director of the Citizen collaboration
Obu City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Hitoshi Hagino Director, Department of Public Safety
Nisshin City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Tadashi Urakawa Director General Department of Community and Cultural Affairs
Nagakute City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Kenji Imata Mayor 
Togo Town (Japan)
8 February 2021
Kuniaki Shigei Construction Department Manager 
Kizugawa City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Tomio Fukumoto Director General, Environment Bureau
Kobe City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Takaaki Sakai Mayor
Tambasasayama City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Muneharu Nakagai Mayor
Toyooka City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Hiroshi Mino Mayor
Kitahiroshima Town (Japan)
8 February 2021
Keiji Shinozaki Mayor 
Ube City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Kenichi Mishima Director of Environment Bureau
Kumamoto City (Japan)
8 February 2021
Kenichi Nyuta Promotion Office Manager, Aya Biosphere Reserve Promotion Division
Aya Town (Japan)
8 February 2021
Gen Ijuin Mayor
Yamato Village (Japan)
8 February 2021
Yasushi Tsukijihara Director General Department of Environment and Lifestyle
Hokkaido Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021
Kamon Iizumi Governor 
Tokushima Prefecture (Japan)
8 February 2021

Anton Bredell


Minister for Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

Western Cape Provincial Government

(South Africa)

8 February 2021

Grégory Doucet Nicolas Husson


Deputy Mayor in charge of biodiversity, nature in city and animal protection

Ville de Lyon (France)

11 January 2021

Michaël Delafosse


Maire, Ville de Montpellier


Président, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole (France)

6 January 2021

Frederique Macarez

Saint-Quentin Agglomeration Community (France)

18 February 2021

Cecilia Méndez Mora

Azuay Provincial Government (Equador)

19 February 2021

Shigeki Maeda

Director General of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Mie Prefecture(Japan)

01 March 2021

Nobuo Tomitaka

Chief Executive, Environment Bureau City of Kitakyushu (Japan)

01 March 2021

Shinji Hirai

Governor Tottori Prefecture (Japan)

01 March 2021

Yoshinao Gaun

Mayor Matsumoto City (Japan)

01 March 2021

Masayuki Kobayashi

Director General Environmental Planning Bureau City Yokohama (Japan)

01 March 2021

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