Edinburgh Declaration on post-2020 global biodiversity framework

Setting out the aspirations and commitments of the Scottish Government, Edinburgh Process partners, and the wider subnational constituency of the Convention on Biological Diversity, in delivering for nature over the coming decade.

The deadline for new signatories is 30 November 2022, to allow for verification before COP15.

Additional signatories to the Edinburgh Declaration are shown below and will be updated on a rolling basis, up to COP15.  Please check back regularly. 

Our partners NatureScot have developed an interactive map to show the spread of support for this call for action. It can be seen here: Interactive signatories map.

Please refer to the ‘How to sign’ page for further instructions about signing the Declaration. 

Subnational, city and local authorities




Date Signed

Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP

Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform

Scottish Government

31 August 2020

Ms Lesley Griffiths AS/MS

Gweinidog yr Amgylchedd, Ynni a Materion Gwledig / Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs

Welsh Government

31 August 2020

Mr Ashok Sridharan


ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

31 August 2020

Ms Cheryl Jones Fur

Deputy Lord Mayor of Växjö, Sweden

On behalf of ICLEI Europe

31 August 2020

Ms Elena Moreno


Regions4 Sustainable Development

31 August 2020

Benoit Charette

Ministre de l’Environnement et de la Lutte

contre les changements climatiques

Gouvernement du Québec


31 August 2020

Mr Hideaki Ohmura

Governor of Aichi Prefecture

On behalf of the Group of Leading Subnational Governments toward the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (GoLS)

31 August 2020

Under consideration


On Behalf of the European Committee of the Regions


Ms Francesca Osowska

Chief Executive

NatureScot (Scotland)

31 August 2020

Simon Milne MBE

Regius Keeper

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Scotland)

31 August 2020

Hamish Trench

Chief Executive

Scottish Land Commission (Scotland)

07 September 2020

Maganda Moses

District Environment Officer

Jinja District Local Government (Uganda)

09 September 2020

Ileana J. Herrera Pérez

Minister of Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change

Campeche State Government (Mexico)

10 September 2020

Sonigitu Asibong Ekpe

Acting Director (Scientific)/ Head of Bilateral Economy Cooperation

Ministry of International Development Cooperation, Cross River State (Nigeria)

15 September 2020

Teo Hrvoje Orsanic


Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation

22 September 2020

Belinga Bernard Jean Joel

Ong Oai-Demos (Cameroon)

23 September 2020

Mr. Damià Calvet

Minister for Territory and Sustainability

Government of Catalonia (Spain)

23 September 2020

M. C. Rafael Robles de Benito

Director General

Instituto de Biodiversidad y Áreas Naturales Protegidas de Quintana Roo (Mexico)

30 September 2020

Marie-Guite Dufay

Conseil régional de Bourgogne Franche Comté (France)

01 October 2020

Ana Margarita Romo Ortega

Director General for the Environment

Municipality of Toluca (Mexico)

02 October 2020

Dr. Michael Gödde

Head of Nature Conservation, Landscape Planning, Forestry and Hunting

City of Berlin – Senate of the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection (Germany)

14 October 2020

Sergio Humberto Graf Montero

Secretario de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Territorial

Estado de Jalisco (Mexico)

15 October 2020

Julio César Medina Delgado

Secretario de Sustentabilidad, Medio Ambiente y Agua

Estado de Aguascalientes (Mexico)

16 October 2020

Fernand Yapi


Focal Point Convention of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa and ICLEI

Municipality of Cocody (Ivory Coast)

20 October 2020

Mathieu Hanotin


Ville de Saint-Denis (France)

23 October 2020

Pia Imbs


Eurométropole de Strasbourg (France)

05 November 2020

Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol

Maire de Rouen


Président de la Métropole Rouen Normandie (France)

05 November 2020

Caroline Cayeux

Présidente de l’association

Villes de France (France)

06 November 2020

Brigitte Fouré


Maire d'Amiens

Ville d'Amiens (France)

06 November 2020

Michel Bisson


Grand Paris Sud (France)

06 November 2020

Olivier Bianchi


Maire, Ville Clermont-Ferrand


Président de Clermont Auvergne Métropole


10 November 2020

Anne Vignot  

Maire de la ville de Besançon

Ville de Besançon (France)

16 November 2020

Jim Savege

Chief Executive

Aberdeenshire Council (Scotland)

18 November 2020

Jean-François Debat


Ville de Bourg-en-Bresse (France)

19 November 2020

Jeanne Barseghain


Ville de Strasbourg (France)

24 November 2020

Madame Michèle Lutz


Ville de Mulhouse - Conseil municipal (France)

1 December 2020


Jérome Baloge


Ville de Niort (France)

3 December 2020

Xander McDade


Convenor, CNPA Board

Cairngorms National Park Authority (Scotland)

3 December 2020

Roby Biwer


City Councilor

Bettembourg (Luxembourg)

7 December 2020

Anne Hidalgo

Maire de Paris

Ville de Paris (France)

7 December 2020



Maire de la Ville d’Albi

Ville d’Albi (France)

8 December 2020

Luke Comins



Tweed Forum (Scotland)

8 December 2020

Gordon Watson

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority (Scotland)

9 December 2020

Christophe Ferrari


Grenoble-Alpes Métropole (France)

21 December 2020

Cécile Helle


Ville d’Avignon (France)

24 December 2020

Pierre Hurmic


Maire de Bordeaux

Bordeaux (France)

21 December 2020

Emile Roger Lombertie


Ville de  Limoges (France)

21 December 2020

Arnaud Robinet


Ville de Reims (France)

21 December 2020

Jérémy Desarthe

Adjoint au Maire

Ville de Colombes (France)

22 December 2020

Johanna Rolland

Maire, Ville de Nante


President, Nante Metropole (France)

22 December 2020

François Rebsamen

Maire, Ville de Dijon


Président, Dijon Métropole (France)

24 December 2020

Philippe Laurent


President and Mayor of Sceaux,

Association Française du Conseil des Communes et Régions d’Europe (France)

05 January 2021

Michaël Delafosse


Maire, Ville de Montpellier


Président, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole (France)

6 January 2021

Loïg Chesnais-Girard


Conseil régional de Bretagne (France)

07 January 2021

Grégory Doucet Nicolas Husson


Deputy Mayor in charge of biodiversity, nature in city and animal protection

Ville de Lyon (France)

11 January 2021

Peter Henderson

Council Leader

South Ayrshire Council (Scotland)

14 January 2021

Scott Farmer

Council Leader

Stirling Council (Scotland)

20 January 2021

Dr. Edwin Miño Arcos

Executive Director of CONGOPE

President of the UCLG Forum of Regions

Consortium of Decentralized Autonomous Provincial Governments of Ecuador (CONGOPE)

28 January 2021

Morito Okada

Director General, Bureau of the Environment

Aichi Prefeture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Hideto Suzuki

Director General of Environment and Lifestyle Department

Miyagi Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Saruta Yoshihide

Environment Department Director

Nagano Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Isaaki Nishigaki

Executive Director Department of Environmental Affairs and Citizen Support

Gifu Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Mikazuki Taizo


Shiga Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Motoyasu Tanaka

Chief Executive Officer for the Environment

Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Tatsuya Maruyama


Shimane Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Tatsuya Kawamura

Director, Forestry Promotion and Environment Department

Kochi Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Satoshi Fujimoto

Head of Department, Environment and Residential Life

Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Tadashi Matsushita

Director General, Environment and Forestry Affairs Department

Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Satoru Matsuda

General Manager of Environment Department

Okinawa Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Chikako Shibata

Director for Environmental Management

City of Sapporo (Japan)

8 February 2021

Toru Ono


Rebun Town (Japan)

8 February 2021

Yoshiichi Takahashi


Kanegasaki Town (Japan)

8 February 2021

Kazuyoshi Satou

Director General, Environmental Bureau

Sendai City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Yasushi Ito


Osaki City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Morihiro Kumagai


Tome City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Asano Masatomi


Oyama City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Akihiko Nakano

Director General, Bureau Of Environment

Saitama City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Masato Fujimoto


Tokorozawa City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Yu Suzuki


Noda City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Hiroshi Ota


Isumi City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Katsuhiro Takahashi


Inagi City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Yumiko Suzuki

Director of Environment and Economy Bureau

Sagamihara City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Ryugo Watanabe


Sado City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Riku Miyamoto


Kaga City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Naoyuki Kaneda

Manager, Sustainable Society and Ecosystems Office

Suzu City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Minoru Katsuma

Director General Environmental Affairs Bureau

Nagoya City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Seiji Yamamoto

Director of the Environmental Services Department

Toyohasi City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Yasuhiro Nakane


Okazaki City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Sugiura Hajime

General Director of Environment Department

Toyota City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Fukuyuki Iwama

Director General Department of the Economics and Environment

Inazawa City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Masayuki Tamamura

Director of the Citizen collaboration

Obu City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Hitoshi Hagino

Director, Department of Public Safety

Nisshin City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Tadashi Urakawa

Director General Department of Community and Cultural Affairs

Nagakute City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Kenji Imata


Togo Town (Japan)

8 February 2021

Kuniaki Shigei

Construction Department Manager

Kizugawa City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Tomio Fukumoto

Director General, Environment Bureau

Kobe City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Takaaki Sakai


Tambasasayama City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Muneharu Nakagai


Toyooka City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Hiroshi Mino


Kitahiroshima Town (Japan)

8 February 2021

Keiji Shinozaki


Ube City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Kenichi Mishima

Director of Environment Bureau

Kumamoto City (Japan)

8 February 2021

Kenichi Nyuta

Promotion Office Manager, Aya Biosphere Reserve Promotion Division

Aya Town (Japan)

8 February 2021

Gen Ijuin


Yamato Village (Japan)

8 February 2021

Yasushi Tsukijihara

Director General Department of Environment and Lifestyle

Hokkaido Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Kamon Iizumi


Tokushima Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Kazutoshi Tanaka

Director General, Environment and Living Department,

Wakayama Prefecture (Japan)

8 February 2021

Anton Bredell


Minister for Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

Western Cape Provincial Government

(South Africa)

8 February 2021

Frederique Macarez

Mayor of the City of Saint-Quentin


President, Saint-Quentin Agglomeration Community (France)

18 February 2021

Cecilia Mendez Mora


Azuay Provincial Government


19 February 2021

Amaia Barredo

Deputy Minister for Environment

Basque Government   (Spain)

26 February 2021

Shigeki Maeda

Director General of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Mie Prefecture  (Japan)

01 March 2021

Nobuo Tomitaka

Chief Executive, Environment Bureau

City of Kitakyushu (Japan)

01 March 2021

Shinji Hirai


Tottori Prefecture (Japan)

01 March 2021

Yoshinao Gaun


Matsumoto City (Japan)

01 March 2021

Masayuki Kobayashi

Director General

Environmental Planning Bureau

Yokohama City (Japan)

01 March 2021

Mario Jesús Escobedo Carignan

Minister of Sustainable Economy and Tourism

State Government of Baja California


03 March 2021

Marina Robles García

Ministry of Environmental Affairs

State of Mexico City (México)

04 March 2021

Mohamed Elyes Kchouk

President of Work Commission

Municipality of Hammam-Lif (Tunisia)

10 March 2021

Laurent Baron


Mairie du Pré Saint-Gervais (France)

11 March 2021

Christian Estrosi

Mayor City of Nice


President Metropole Nice Cote D’Azur (France)

17 March 2021

Veronique Vinet


Occitanie Biodiversity Regional Agency (France)

06 April 2021

Wesley Harcourt

Cabinet Member for Environment

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham


23 April 2021

Adam McVey

Cammy Day

Council Leaders

The City of Edinburgh Council (Scotland)

23 April 2021

Sandra Black

Chief Executive

Renfrewshire Council (Scotland)

28 April 2021

Susan Aitken

Council Leader

Glasgow City Council (Scotland)

11 May 2021

Valérie Plante


City of Montreal (Canada)

11 May 2021

Yuriko Koike


Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Japan)

19 May 2021

Jorge Guamán Coronel


Province of Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

21 May 2021

Cecil Meiklejohn

Council Leader

Falkirk Council (Scotland)

21 May 2021

Itziar Gómez López




Minister of Rural Development and Environment,

Government of Navarra (Spain)

7 June 2021

Frédéric Valletoux

Mayor of Ville de Fontainebleu (France)

8 June 2021

Steven Heddle

Economy and Environment Spokesperson

Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Scotland)

8 June 2021

James Stockan


Orkney Islands Council (Scotland)

16 June 2021

Robert Spreter

Managing Director,

Kommunen für biologische Vielfalt (Germany)

21 June 2021

Des Murray

Chief Executive,

North Lanarkshire Council (Scotland)

22 June 2021

Heather Holland

Executive Officer,

Land Planning and Development, East Dunbartonshire Council (Scotland)

23 June 2021

Kennedy Stewart


City of Vancouver (Canada)

28 June 2021

Ulrike Schmidt


Germaide Henstedt-Ulzburg (Germany)

8 July 2021

Marta Teresa Suplicy

Eduardo de Castro

Secretary of International Relations;

Secretary for the Green and the Environment City of São Paulo  (Brazil)

15 July 2021

31 October 2022

Serge Hiet


Val-de-Vesle (France)

29 July 2021

Dr Andreas Bukowski


Municipality of Haar (Germany)

3 August 2021

José Manuel Ríos Morales


City of Armenia (Colombia)

5 August 2021

Eduardo Alberto Macchiavelli

Secretary of Environment,

Buenos Aires City Government (Argentina)

24 August 2021

Mélanie Boulanger


Ville de Cantelu (France)

25 August 2021

Delphine Michel

Vice-President delegate of Water and Forests,

Métropole du Grand Nancy (France)

25 August 2021

Evan Counsel

General Manager,

Strategy, Planning and Climate Change,

City of Melbourne (Australia)

02 September 2021

Nicolas Laine


Longchamps (France)

06 September 2021

Jens Kerstan

Senator, Authority for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture,

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Germany)

07 September 2021

Alistair McKinnon

Head of Facilities, Waste and Grounds,

South Lanarkshire Council (Scotland)

10 September 2021

Axel Schmidt Grael

Mayor, Niterói


16 September 2021

Katya Dörner

Mayor, City of Bonn


17 September 2021

Councillor Nigel Daniels

Leader of the Council, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council


20 September 2021

Councillor Richard John

Leader of the Council, Monmouthshire County Council


27 September 2021

Vitaliy Klitschko

Mayor, City of Kyiv


29 September 2021

Markus Conrad

Mayor, Verbandsgemeinde Wörrstadt


7 October 2021

Adolf Kessell

Lord Mayor, City of Worms


8 October 2021

Councillor Neil Moore

Executive Leader of the Council, Vale of Glamorgan Council


12 October 2021

Councillor Tracey Rawlins

Executive Member for Environment, Manchester City Council


13 October 2021

Apostolos Tzitzikostas


European Committee of the Regions


13 October 2021

Dr Gero Karthaus


Municipality of Engelkirchen


18 October 2021

António Ceia da Silva


Alentejo Regional Coordination and Development Commission


19 October 2021

João Campos


City of Recife


19 October 2021

Carlos Ordosgoitia Sanin




20 October 2021

Joël Tissier

Deputy Vice-President for Agriculture, Natural Areas and Biodiversity,

Council of Cergy-Pontoise conglomeration


22 October 2021

Ian Borthwick

Lord Provost,

Dundee City Council


26 October 2021

Ulrich Markurth

Lord Mayor,

City of Braunschweig


28 October 2021

Councillor Huw Thomas

Leader of the Council,

Cardiff Council


28 October 2021

Lt Gov Eleni Kounalakis


Lieutenant Governor



3 November 2021

Magnus Berntsson

Regional Minister for the Environment,

Västra Götaland


4 November 2021

Councillor Rob Werner

City Councillor and Chair of the Concord Energy and Environment Advisory Committee,

City of Concord, New Hampshire


5 November 2021

Martin Emilia Sánchez Valencia

Secretary of the Environment,

Quibdó, Chocó Department


9 November 2021

Honorable David Speirs MP

Minister for Environment and Water, Government of South Australia


10 November 2021

Udo Arm


Community of Mauchenheim


11 November 2021

Heiner Illing


Community of Gau-Odernheim


11 November 2021

Dieter Mann


Community of Bechtolsheim


11 November 2021

Stefan Haßler


Community of Ensheim


12 November 2021

Hans-Bernhard Krämer


Community of Gau-Weinheim


12 November 2021

Martin Fölix


Community of Saulheim


12 November 2021

Hans Philpp Schmitt


Community of Spiesheim


12 November 2021

Ulf Baasch


Community of Sulzheim


12 November 2021

Elfriede Schmitt-Sieben




12 November 2021

Ingo Kleinfelder




12 November 2021

Colin Wellenkamp

Executive Director,

Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative


6 November 2021

Lynda Hopkins

Fifth District Supervisor,  County of Sonoma,

Santa Rosa, California  (USA)

6 November 2021

María Isabel Ortíz Mantilla

Secretary of Environment and Territorial Planning,  Guanajuato State 


6 November 2021

Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas

Mayor, Monterrey


6 November 2021

Suzanne Case

Chairperson, Department of Natural Resources, Hawai’I  (USA)

6 November 2021

Kelly Takaya King

Council Member,

Maui County, Hawai’I  (USA)

6 November 2021

Sayda Rodriguez

State Secretary of Urban Development and Environment,  Yucatan  (Mexico)

6 November 2021

Gorkan Utaran

Mayor, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Basque Country  (Spain)

6 November 2021

Councillor Lawrence Fitzpatrick

Council Leader,

West Lothian Council  (Scotland)

23 November 2021

Councillor Murray Lyle

Leader of the Council,

Perth and Kinross Council  (Scotland)

29 November 2021

Kata Tüttő

Deputy Mayor of Budapest for Facility Management, 

Municipality of the City of Budapest


13 December 2021

Vincent Chauvet

Mayor, Autun


13 December 2021

Councillor Mark Rowley

Leader, Scottish Borders Council


17 December 2021

Philippe Chalopin

President of the Communauté de communes Baugeois-Vallée  (France)

20 December 2021

Isabelle Viallat

Councillor, Ville de Metz


16 February 2022

Isabelle Dubois

Deputy Director General for Quality of Urban Life, City of Québec  (Canada)

2 March 2022

Ceri Morris

Head of Planning and Public Protection,

Neath Port Talbot Council  (Wales)

3 March 2022

Eglantina Canales Gutiérrez 

Secretary of State,

Ministry of Environment of the Government of Coahuila  (Mexico)

4 March 2022

Marcos Penido

Secretariat for Infrastructure and Environment, Government of the State of Sao Paulo  (Brazil)

8 March 2022

Kenneth Er

Chief Executive Officer, National Parks Board


10 March 2022

Raffaele Cattaneo

Councillor for the Environment and Climate, Lombardy Region  (Italy)

25 March 2022

Andy Burnham

Mayor, Greater Manchester Combined Authority  (England)

28 March 2022

Alejandro Mauricio Díaz Rivera

Manager, Department of Environmental Education, Zacatecas  (Mexico)

31 March 2022

Luis Eduardo Castro

Mayor, Yopal


31 March 2022

Margo Williamson

Chief Executive, Angus Council


15 April 2022

Councillor David Alexander and Councillor David Ross

Co-Leaders, Fife Council


04 May 2022

Francisco Alan Diniz Alencar

President, Instituto de Meio Ambiente do Município de Itapipoca


11 June 2022

Jiachen Liu

Mayor, Kunming Municipal People's Government

(The People’s Republic of China)

20 June 2022

Councillor Alison Gilliland

Lord Mayor, Dublin City Council


27 June 2022

Jaime Elias Verruck

State Secretariat for the Environment, Economic Development, Production and Family Agriculture, Mato Grosso do Sul


27 June 2022

Alejandro Dorado Nájera

Minister of Sustainability and Ecological Transition and Spokesperson of the Government of La Rioja


5 July 2022

Borboly Csaba

President, Harghita County Council


6 July 2022

Cecilia Pacheco Sempértegui

Secretaría de Ambiente, Municipio del Distrito Metropolitano de Quito


8 July 2022

Manuel Sebastián Graniel Burelo

Secretariat of Welfare, Sustainability and Climate Change, Free and Sovereign State of Tabasco  (Mexico)

19 July 2022

Angélica Lizeth Jiménez Hernández

Director General, Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Free and Sovereign State of Colima


19 July 2022

Dário Saadi

Municipal Mayor, Campinas


25 July 2022

Alfonso Martínez Muñoz

Head of Environment Ministry, Government of the State of Nuevo León  (Mexico)

25 July 2022

Helena Iturribarría

Secretariat of Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development, Government of the State of Oaxaca  (Mexico)

27 July 2022

Councillor John Spanswick

Cabinet Member for Communities, Bridgend County Borough Council


29 July 2022

Carlos Roberto Massa Júnior

Governor of the State of Paraná


10 August 2022

Magdaleno Mendoza Hernández

Director of Natural Resources of the Secretariat of Environment of the State of Veracruz  (Mexico)

11 August 2022

Said Javier Estrella García

Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources, State of Hidalgo  (Mexico)

19 August 2022

Sophie Wade

Mayor, City of Yarra


22 August 2022

Carlos de Oliveira Ribeiro Filho

Secretary of Environment and Sustainability of the municipality of Recife, Pernambuco


30 August 2022

Renivaldo Alves do Nascimento

Municipal Secretary for Environment and Sustainable Urban Development, Cuiabá-MT


30 August 2022

Germano Bremm

Secretary of Environment, Urbanism and Sustainability, Porto Alegre  (Brazil)

31 August 2022

Antonio Ademir Stroski

Municipal Secretary of Environment and

Sustainability – Semmas  (Brazil)

31 August 2022

Carlos Roberto Braga do Carmo

President of the Palmas Environment Foundation, Palmas Prefecture, Tocantins


2 September 2022

Sérgio Brazão e Silva

Secretary of the Municipal Environment Department, Belém/PA  (Brazil)

5 September 2022

Carlos Alberto Alves Nasserala

Secretary of the Municipal Environment Department, Rio Branco-Acre  (Brazil)

12 September 2022

Luis Eduardo Costa

Municipal Secretary of Environment and Urban Management, Semadur  (Brazil)

19 September 2022

Rafael Valdomiro Greca de Macedo

Marilza do Carmo Oliveira Dias

Mayor, Municipality of Curitiba



Municipal Secretary for the Environment


21 September 2022

Fábio Gomes Braga

Municipal Secretary for the Environment, Florianópolis  (Brazil)

16 September 2022

Welison Araújo Silveira

Environment Secretary, João Pessoa City Hall  (Brazil)

21 September 2022

Guilherme Lana Pimenta

Assistant Secretary for the Environment, City of Belo Horizonte/MG  (Brazil)

27 September 2022

Clover Moore

Lord Mayor, City of Sydney


10 October 2022

Councillor Fiona Law

Spokesperson for the Environment and Net Zero, Clackmannanshire Council


17 October 2022

Paulo Camara

Governor, Pernambuco State


18 October 2022

Thiago De Paula Nunes Mesquita

Municipal Secretary of Environment and Urbanism, Natal  (Brazil)

25 October 2022

José Sarney Filho

Secretary for the Environment, State, Federal District Government   (Brazil)

25 October 2022

Ailton Francisco da Rocha

Superintendent of Urban Development and Sustainability, State of Sergipe  (Brazil)

26 October 2022

Marcelo de Oliveira do Nascimento

Secretary for Environment, Sustainable Development and Urbanism, City of Macapa  (Brazil)

27 October 2022

José Volnei Bisognin

President, Water and Earth Institute, State of Paraná


27 October 2022

Andréa Vulcanis

Secretary of State for Environment and Sustainable Development, Goiás  (Brazil)

31 October 2022

Luis André de Arruda Montalverne

Secretary of Environment, Teresina


28 October 2022

José Luis Galindo Cortes

Secretariat of Sustainable Development, Government of the State of Morelos


28 October 2022

Marjorie Kauffmann

State Secretary of Environment and Infrastructure, Rio Grande do Sul State


31 October 2022

Mauren Lazzaretti 

Secretary of State for the Environment, Mato Grosso State  (Brazil)

31 October 2022

Leonlene de Sousa Aguiar

General Director of the Institute of Sustainable Development and Environment, Rio Grande do Norte  (Brazil)

31 October 2022

Joel Nogueira Rodrigues

Secretary of State for the Environment, Government of the State of Amapá  (Brazil)

31 October 2022

Leonardo Schorcht Bracony Porto Ferreira

Executive Secretary for the Environment of the State of Santa Catarina  (Brazil)

31 October 2022

Artur José Vieira Bruno

Secretary of State for Environment, State of Ceara  (Brazil)

1 November 2022

Ailton Francisco Da Rocha

Superintendent, State Secretariat for Urban Development and Sustainability/ Special Superintendence for Water Resources and Environment, State of Sergipe  (Brazil)

1 November 2022

Raymond Bremner

Council Leader, The Highland Council


3 November 2022

Marcelle Carvalho de Moraes 

Secretary for Sustainability and Resilience, Municipality of Salvador (State of Bahia) (Brazil)

3 November 2022

Márcia Cristina Telles de Araújo Lima

Secretary of State for the Environment, Bahia


4 November 2022

Cláudio Bomfim de Castro

Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

9 November 2022

Nilton Caldeira

Deputy Mayor and Municpal Secretary of Environment and Climate, City of Rio de Janeiro  (Brazil)

10 November 2022

Moraig Lyall

Chair of the Environment and Transport Committee, Shetland Islands Council


17 November 2022

Luciano Bomfim dos Santos

Director of Basic Sanitation and Environment, Conchal  (Brazil)

18 November 2022

Mr. Alexandro Miranda Pincer

Secretary to the Secretariat for Environment and Sustainable Development / SEMA, City of Porto Velho (Brazil)

22 November 2022

Mr. Luan Deodato Machado Alves

President, Environmental Agency for the City of Goiania  (Brazil)

22 November 2022

Sebastian Navarro

Secretary General, CC35 - Capital Cities of the Americas facing climate change Secretariat, (Network)

23 November 2022

Luciana Mendes Lobo

SUEMA/ Secretariat for the Urbanism and Environment of the Fortaleza City (Brazil)

23 November 2022

Zuhal Demir

Flemish Minister for Justice and Enforcement, Environment and Spatial Development, Energy and Tourism  (Belgium)

30 November 2022

Valérie Pécresse

President of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France  (France)

01 December 2022

Manuel de Araujo

Mayor of Quelimane City  (Mozambique)

2 December 2022

Christian Wikström

Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Government of the Åland Islands  (Finland)

2 December 2022

273 signatories across 40 countries

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Edinburgh Process Secretariat - email: enquiries-subnationalworkshop@gov.scot

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