NHS Scotland learning disability employment: tools and guidance - easy read version

Easy read version of tools and guidance to support NHS Scotland to increase the number of the people employed with learning disabilities.

7. Other Support and Resources

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Access to Work programme gives money towards a support worker or for the cost of equipment or travelling to work.

  • adaptations to equipment used
  • special equipment
  • fares to work for those who can't use public transport
  • a support worker or job coach to help in the workplace
  • a support service for those who have a mental health condition, are absent from work or finding it difficult to work
  • disability awareness training for colleagues
  • a communicator at a job interview
  • the cost of moving equipment for a change in job location or job.

Disability Confident Scheme: This scheme offers tools to hire, keep and developed disabled staff.

Jobcentre Plus: The local Jobcentre Plus can help NHSScotland Boards find candidates that have learning disabilities and are looking for work. Disability Employment Advisers in Jobcentre Plus help clients to find work or to learn new skills and also give information about disability friendly employers within their local area.

Local Authorities: The joining up of health and social care services means that NHSScotland Boards and local authorities have to work together on these areas:

  • NHSScotland Boards have to work with local authorities and share information about people with learning disabilities who are known to adult social services
  • local authorities have to employ more people with learning disabilities
  • NHSScotland and local authorities have to work together and develop new services people with learning disabilities.

Employability in Scotland: This Government website has important information on employment services, with a section on Learning Disabilities.

Fair Start Scotland: Fair Start Scotland is a Scottish Government service that offers up to 12 months in-work support to employees and employers.

Project Search: Project SEARCH connects young people with learning disabilities and additional support needs with employment. Interns are supported through placements with large employers, such as NHSScotland.

Scottish Union of Support Employment (SUSE): Their website has videos and case studies that show how supported employment works.

Scottish Commission for Learning Disabilities (SCLD): The SCLD are finding new and better ways to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

Business Disability Forum (BDF): NHS Scotland, is a partner of Business Disability Forum, and is entitled to Member and Partner Benefits.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations: The national membership organisation gives support to Scotland's charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

Social Enterprise UK: Work with the public sector to help with local health and social care challenges, creating a more inclusive society.

The Scottish Accessibility Forum (SAIF): Aims to make information accessible to everyone who needs it. SAIF does this by raising awareness and understanding of the importance of accessible information and by giving guidance, advice and support to information providers across Scotland.


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