Changing Places Toilets: planning guide - easy read

An introduction to Changing Places Toilets (CPTs) in easy read format.


This document was written to give people information on Changing Places Toilets.

This document was also written to give guidance to people who might want to build Changing Places Toilets in their building.

It was written for people who want to build Changing Places Toilets in new buildings which are being built and old buildings which are already there.

This guidance has been written with help from the group PAMIS.

PAMIS are part of a group called the Changing Places Consortium which gives advice on Changing Places Toilets to people and groups across Scotland.

A report by PAMIS from 2021 said that there are 250 Changing Places Toilets in Scotland.

The Changing Places Consortium has helped make a map which tells people what buildings Changing Places Toilets are in across Scotland.

There are also other groups which can tell people where they can find Changing Places Toilets in Scotland.

One of these groups is Euan's Guide.



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