Early learning and childcare - statutory guidance: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to a public consultation on updated statutory guidance for early learning and childcare.


1. Since the consultation on the revised statutory guidance was carried out, the Scottish Parliament approved The Provision of Early Learning and Childcare (Specified Children) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2021. This Order amends legislation to provide an additional year of funded ELC to all children who defer their primary 1 start from August 2023.

2. Scottish Government; 2018: Minister for Children and Young People, Maree Todd MSP, addresses Parliament about the early learning and childcare expansion.

3. Scottish Government: Early learning and childcare: policy background.

4. Scottish Government; 2020: Early learning and childcare access in a deferred year: joint implementation plan.

5. More information about the National Standard and the ten criteria for funded providers can be found at Funding follows the child and the national standard for early learning and childcare providers: principles and practice.

6. Scottish Government; 2019: Included, Engaged and Involved Part 1.

7. Scottish Government; 2017: Included, Engaged and Involved Part 2.

8. UN committee on the Rights of the Child; 2005: General comment No 7 (2005) Implementing child rights in early childhood.

9. SEEMiS is a Management Information System (MIS) for the Education sector.

10. The Health Visiting Pathway incorporates the various assessments and contact that an infant and their family will have with health visitors until the age of five.

11. The 27-30 month review is an assessment conducted by health visitors when infants have reached 27-30 months.

12. NHS Health Scotland; 2018: Setting the Table.



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