Early learning and childcare service model for 2020: consultation paper

This joint consultation with COSLA sets out the Funding Follows the Child approach and seeks views on the proposed National Standard that will underpin it.


1. Nurseries, playgroup and children and family centres. The figure does not include childminders who are delivering the funded hours but we know that quality of childminding provision overall is also good.

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4. As highlighted in the Blueprint for 2020 Action Plan we are currently taking forward a feasibility study to consider the costs and benefits of introducing an ELC account at an appropriate time in the future.

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6. It will still be possible for all ELC settings to deliver non-statutory, unfunded childcare to parents as part of a private contractual arrangement. The fact that the Care Inspectorate has considered a setting competent to deliver day-care of children services should give parents, who are purchasing ELC themselves, adequate assurance about quality. Care Inspectorate gradings are available to parents to balance quality against other considerations such as the setting's pricing structure and the convenience of the location of the setting.

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8. The Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland are currently developing a shared inspection framework and revised inspection methodology for all ELC settings (funded and unfunded). This will be used by both organisations when working individually or together and draw together best practice from both organisations. The wording of this criteria will be finalised once the details of the new framework are known later in 2018.

9. The existing ratios will be maintained: for two year olds as 1:5; and for those aged 3 and over as 1:8 where children attend for more than 4 hours per day, and 1:10 if they attend for less than 4 hours per day.

10. The SSSC registration requirements is that workers in day-care of children services complete 10 days or 60 hours of post registration training and learning over their five year registration period.

11. See Action 3 of the ELC Quality Action Plan which states that we will prepare a national induction resource to ensure that staff new to delivering funded ELC are supported in developing the skills and understanding they need in their role. A first version of this induction resource will be available later in 2018.

12. The existing ratios will be maintained as: 1:6 children under 12 years of whom 1:3 under school age and only 1 under one year.

13. The new single framework will take account of HGIOELC and Care Inspectorate frameworks. Clear guidance will be developed for settings.

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15. Guidance on the provision of free school meals and snacks in ELC will be developed in due course.

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