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Early learning and childcare trials discussion paper: analysis of responses

Published: 15 Jun 2016
Children and Families Directorate
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Analysis of responses to a discussion on establishing delivery model trials to support expanding the early learning and childcare provision.

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Early learning and childcare trials discussion paper: analysis of responses
12. Involvement In The Programme of Trials

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12. Involvement In The Programme of Trials

Question 11: Would you be interested in being involved in the programme of trials? If so, in what capacity?

12.1 52 respondents addressed this question with most interested in being involved in the programme of trials in some capacity. Annex 4 contains a summary of the interest expressed by respondent and geographical area.

Interest in planning, implementing and evaluating the trials

12.2 Respondents across a range of sectors, from national organisations to individuals, highlighted their interest in supporting the organisational and operational aspects of the trials. Their interest encompassed support from pre-trial planning to evaluation and roll out on a wider scale (Table 12.1).

Table 12.1: Summary of interest in involvement in organising and operating the trials (See Annex 4, Part 1 for further details.)

Type of involvement No. of respondents expressing interest
Planning for and informing the programme of trials 11
Involvement in establishing the evaluative framework 9
Sharing feedback and good practice prior, during and after the trials 7
General help with the trials; supporting their implementation 3
Providing a broader picture of existing services (for planning of trials purposes) 2
Post-trials implementation on a wider basis 1

Interest in delivering trials
12.3 A wide variety of respondents proposed potential trial settings and focus for consideration by the Scottish Government. Their proposals are outlined in Annex 4 Part 2. Table 12.2 summarises the focus of their proposals.

Table 12.2 Summary of focus of interest in delivering trials

Focus No. of respondents expressing interest
Trials involving childminders 7
Extended opening hours 7
Holistic model of provision 7
Provision for 2 year olds 4
Provision in rural areas 4
Awareness raising/communication 2
Outdoor nursery provision 2
Workforce training 2
Multi-agency working 1
Arts-based trial 1
Cross-border working 1
Overcoming barriers to take-up 1
Longitudinal trial 1
Non-specific offer of involvement as a trial setting 5

Implications for proposed trials
12.4 Most of those responding to the consultation offered their involvement in taking forward the programme of trials, either as trial setting or by supporting the organisation, implementation, evaluation of trials and/or sharing information post-trial, suggesting that there will be much support and buy-in for the trials.

12.5 20 different local authority areas were represented amongst respondents offering to provide settings for trials, including urban, rural and remote rural locations. However, significant gaps included locations in Fife, Perth, Stirling and Dundee, suggesting that more work may be required to engage ELC providers within these areas with the trials.