Early learning and childcare - 2 year old eligibility - income threshold change June 2021: EQIA

Assessment on whether 2 year old children and parents or carers within protected characteristics groupings face any barriers, discrimination or harassment as a result of the proposed amendments to secondary legislation.

Recommendations and Conclusion

The overall purpose of this amendment is to largely maintain the status quo and to ensure that eligibility is protected for those families who have seen an increase in their earnings but no material change in their financial circumstances due to the UK policy changes.

The EQIA process has identified limited positive impacts in particular for single lone parents which appear to be more directed towards single women.

As there was limited evidence available in relation to the tax credit population, or Universal Credit population we were unable to ascertain if the policy change will impact on specific protected characteristic groups directly or indirectly. We can indirectly make assumptions that there will be positive impacts for ethnic minority households and households with a disabled adult or child as they have a higher risk of being in relative poverty. If these families meet the eligibility criteria it is highly likely that they will benefit from the increase to the income threshold.

The EQIA is a working document and will be reviewed to reflect any new evidence or information that may impact any of the protected characteristics as a result of this amendment to secondary legislation.


Email: Kerrie.Harkness@gov.scot

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