Early Destinations of Students Qualifying from Scottish Higher Educations Institutions 2012-13

Statistics on the first destinations of leavers from Scottish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)in 2012-13

4. The future of this publication

The Scottish Government has been reviewing its statistical outputs across the higher education sector with a view to rationalising them and avoiding duplication. This process has raised questions around the need for a separate Scottish Government National Statistics publication on higher education leaver destinations.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) collects the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey data used in this publication. HESA uses the DLHE data to produce a range of outputs (please see the HESA website for more details: https://www.hesa.ac.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1899&Itemid=634)

The HESA outputs contain data for Scottish HEIs and we feel that the majority of user need for information on the destinations of leavers from Scottish HEIs can be met through existing HESA publications.

Note that if this publication was discontinued, the National Indicator would not be affected and would be updated as usual on the Scotland Performs website. If specific user need for certain tables or breakdowns is identified we will consider how these could be met in the absence of a separate Scottish Government publication, in consultation with HESA.

We would welcome users views on the potential discontinuation of this publication:

  • How do you use the analysis presented in this publication?
  • Are there any specific aspects of the publication that you find particularly useful?
  • What impact would the discontinuation of this publication have?

Please respond via email or in writing using the contact details below.

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e-mail: FHEstatistics@scotland.gsi.gov.uk


Email: Lisa Bell

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