Early Destinations of Students Qualifying from Scottish Higher Educations Institutions 2012-13

Statistics on the first destinations of leavers from Scottish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)in 2012-13

Table 7: Employment location of leavers from Scottish HEIs by pre-study domicile: 2012-13

Leavers from Scottish HEIs in UK or overseas employment

No. of Leavers Location of Employment
Other UK
All Domiciles 34,395 76.6 15.4 8.0
Scotland 26,225 89.7 7.5 2.8
Other UK 4,810 32.0 58.8 9.2
Other EU 3,340 37.7 14.9 47.4

Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)
Data weighted according to response rates (see Methodological Notes, Section 3)
Number of leavers rounded to the nearest 5
'Other UK' includes a small number of leavers whose location of employment was unknown


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