This report provides an overview of the current situation regarding early childhood education and care provision in Scotland, England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, France and the Netherlands.

List of Summary Boxes

Box 2.1: Summary of key population statistics, Scotland

Box 2.2: Summary of employment statistics, Scotland

Box 2.3: Summary of public expenditure, Scotland

Box 2.4: Types of services, Scotland

Box 2.5: Public/private mix of services, Scotland

Box 2.6: Scottish ECEC costs - 25 hours per week

Box 3.1: Summary of key population statistics, England

Box 3.2: Summary of employment statistics, England

Box 3.3: Summary of public expenditure, England

Box 3.4: Types of services, England

Box 3.5: English ECEC costs per week

Box 3.6: Summary of ECEC enrolment by age (under 12), England

Box 4.1: Summary of key population statistics, Sweden

Box 4.2: Summary of employment statistics, Sweden

Box 4.3: Summary of public expenditure, Sweden

Box 4.4: Types of services, Sweden

Box 4.5: Median monthly salary in municipal childcare in 2004 in Euros, Sweden

Box 5.1: Summary of key population statistics, Denmark

Box 5.2: Summary of employment statistics, Denmark

Box 5.3: Summary of public expenditure, Denmark

Box 5.4: Types of services, Denmark

Box 5.5: Enrolment rate of 0-5 year olds in any form of formal ECEC (including full-time and part-time services), Denmark

Box 5.6: Enrolment rate of 6-9 year olds in after school care services, Denmark

Box 5.7: Main ECEC occupations, Denmark

Box 6.1: Summary of key population statistics, Norway

Box 6.2: Summary of employment statistics, Norway

Box 6.3: Summary of public expenditure, Norway

Box 6.4: Types of ECEC services, Norway

Box 6.5: ECEC enrolment, Norway

Box 6.6: ECEC workforce average annual income, Norway

Box 7.1: Summary of key population statistics, Slovenia

Box 7.2: Summary of employment statistics, Slovenia

Box 7.3: Summary of public expenditure, Slovenia

Box 7.4: Summary of leave arrangements, Slovenia

Box 7.5: Summary of payment for leave, Slovenia

Box 7.6: Summary of types of services, Slovenia

Box 8.1: Summary of population statistics, France

Box 8.2: Summary of employment statistics, France

Box 8.3: Summary of public expenditure, France

Box 8.4: Types of services, France

Box 8.5: ECEC arrangements (2010), France

Box 8.6: ECEC occupations, France

Box 9.1: Summary of key population statistics, Netherlands

Box 9.2: Summary of employment statistics, Netherlands

Box 9.3: Summary of public expenditure, Netherlands

Box 9.4: Summary of payment for leave, Netherlands

Box 9.5: Summary of leave arrangements, Netherlands

Box 9.6: Summary of types of services, Netherlands


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