This report provides an overview of the current situation regarding early childhood education and care provision in Scotland, England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, France and the Netherlands.

List of Tables

Table 2.1: Percentage of all children 0-15 registered in formal ECEC services, by age group

Table 2.2: Staff: Child ratios

Table 2.3: Qualifications of the ECEC workforce

Table 3.1: Number of ECEC providers in 2011

Table 3.2: Hours in childcare per week by age of child

Table 4.1: Annual costs per enrolled child in preschool and after school care

Table 4.2: Maximum fees for a (full-time) ECEC place in 2012 (per month)

Table 4.3: Preschool enrolment rate by age, 2011

Table 4.4: Enrolment rate in after school care by age, 2011

Table 5.1: Public/private mix of ownership, 2011

Table 5.2: Average parent fees (without additional subsidies) for 2012

Table 5.3 ECEC workforce qualifications

Table 5.4: ECEC staff pay (DKK)

Table 6.1: ECEC workforce qualifications

Table 7.1: Number and % of public and private preschools, 2011-12

Table 7.2: Preschool enrolment rate by age, 2011-12

Table 7.3: Workforce qualifications and training

Table 8.1: Annual cost of ECEC place in 2009

Table 8.2: Main formal ECEC arrangements for under-3s

Table 8.3: ECEC workforce qualifications

Table 9.1: Number of children (in thousands) in different forms of childcare provision and in receipt of childcare credit and % change

Table 10.1: Children's participation in formal childcare by age and usual number of hours per week

Table 10.2: Net childcare costs (after benefits) as a % of household income for a dual earner family

Table 10.3: Is ECEC responsibility split across ministries?

Table 10.4: Do 0-3 year olds and 3-5 year olds use the same type of services?

Table 10.5: National curriculum by country

Table 10.6: Statutory requirements for tertiary education

Table 10.7: Employment rates for parents by sex and age of youngest child

Table 10.8: Part-time employment for parents by sex and age of youngest child


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