Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

Information about Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) and how can you access our range of contracts.

About Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

A DPS is an electronic system of pre-qualified suppliers, for commonly used purchases from which the Scottish public sector can invite tenders.

As a procurement tool, it has some aspects that are similar to a framework agreement. However, it is an electronic process, with opportunities competed for through call-off competition. There is no limit to the number of suppliers that can be on the DPS and suppliers have the ability to apply to join at any time.

Watch a video to learn more about the benefits of a DPS and how to join one.

The benefits

  • a faster process
  • encourages competition 
  • provides continuous access to a wide range of suppliers
  • suppliers can apply to join at any time
  • simple and proportionate entry for suppliers - especially SMEs
  • create your own specification and evaluation criteria

Setting up a DPS

The initial set up of the DPS, the ongoing evaluation and addition of suppliers are all carried out by Scottish Procurement. All suppliers that meet the minimum selection criteria are added to the system.

Buying from a DPS

Organisations using the DPS will prepare and issue individual tenders which must be conducted electronically. All suppliers on the DPS, or relevant Lot , must be invited to bid for the specific opportunity. A minimum timescale for return of tenders is 10 days - though due consideration should be given to the complexity of the requirement when allocating time. Once tender evaluation is complete the contract can be awarded - there is no formal requirement for a standstill period.

Our DPS range

Further information

Further information for buyers can be found on the Procurement Journey.

Further information for suppliers can be found on the Supplier Journey.


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