Healthcare science national delivery plan 2015 to 2020: final report

The first Scottish Healthcare Science National Delivery Plan 2015 to 2020 "Driving Improvement, Delivering Results" was published in May 2015. The final report informs the key achievements and future priorities for the Healthcare Science profession in Scotland.

7. List of abbreviations

BMS – Biomedical Scientists

CHPO – Chief Health Professions Officer

CNO – Chief Nursing Officer

COVID-19 – Coronavirus

CPEB - Clinical Physiology Executive Board

DiSSG - Diagnostics in Scotland Strategic Group

DSG – Diagnostic Steering Group

HCS – Healthcare Science

HCSO – Healthcare Science Officer

HSCDP – Health and Social Care Delivery Plan

NDOG – National Demand Optimisation Group

NDP – National Delivery Plan

NESNHS Education Scotland

NGS – Next Generation Sequencing

NHS – National Health Service

NMDN – National Managed Diagnostic Networks

NPT – Near Patient Testing

NSS – National Services Scotland

POCT – Point of Care Testing

QI – Quality Improvement

SCBMDN - Scottish Clinical Biochemistry Managed Diagnostic Network

SHTG – Scottish Health Technologies Group

SLWG – Short Life Working Group

SMASAC – Scottish Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee

SPAN – Scottish Pathology Network



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