Healthcare science national delivery plan 2015 to 2020: final report

The first Scottish Healthcare Science National Delivery Plan 2015 to 2020 "Driving Improvement, Delivering Results" was published in May 2015. The final report informs the key achievements and future priorities for the Healthcare Science profession in Scotland.

5. Conclusions

5.1 Summary and learning

As outlined in Section 4.0 of the report, the NDP has achieved many of the intended strategic aims and contributed to improved patient outcomes. The NDP has enabled establishment of local Point of Care (POC) committees in NHS Boards, developed a National Demand Optimisation Programme, enabled role expansion for Healthcare Scientists and supported creation of the Clinical Physiology Executive Board. The range of activity over the lifetime of the NDP has enhanced and promoted the contribution of the Healthcare Science profession to the achievement of strategic priorities set out by the Scottish Government.

In reviewing achievements made, the final report has also provided opportunity to review processes involved in delivering the plan. In doing so, it is recognised there is also opportunity for future learning related to implementation processes at Board level including operational and strategic leadership and the importance of sufficient resources (time, personnel, funding) to support delivery of any subsequent strategy or delivery plan.

It is recognised that the required supporting infrastructure in all Boards may have enabled further capacity to maximise contribution to key agreed outcomes. Nevertheless the involvement and contribution of colleagues in NHS Boards in shaping implementation, and the range of other partners and professionals, drawn in to contribute to the evolving deliverables, actions and projects, suggests that the process of delivering on the NDP itself added momentum and has contributed to a strengthened professional identity.



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