Draft Disability Assistance for Older People (Scotland) Regulations 2024: Draft Island Communities Impact Assessment

A draft Island Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA) considering the draft Disability Assistance for Older People (Scotland) Regulations 2024 in relation to their impacts on people living in the Islands under Section 8 of the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018.


84. A communications strategy and comprehensive guidance will be developed in advance of the launch of Pension Age Disability Payment. This will ensure that individuals who are eligible and their families, the third sector, local authorities and advice providers are aware of Pension Age Disability Payment, and have an understanding of the application process and eligibility criteria.

85. The communications strategy will be linked with wider Scottish Government initiatives on improving outcomes for disabled people and for remote and island communities. This will ensure that Pension Age Disability Payment is part of wider efforts to meet the needs of people living in island communities.

86. The Scottish Government recognises that awareness and understanding of Attendance Allowance is often limited, which is especially relevant in rural communities. Scottish Ministers intend to provide clear information about eligibility and the new application process for Pension Age Disability Payment which will be more personalised and efficient than the current process.

87. Social Security Scotland’s Local Delivery staff will provide support to applicants in rural areas. This will be an improvement on the current level of support offered through the Department for Work and Pensions system.


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